Zoomcar Pilots Self-Drive Autorickshaw In 6 Cities


Zoomcar Pilots Self-Drive Autorickshaw In 6 Cities

Self-drive car rental company, Zoomcar has launched what is India’s first autorickshaw rental service and is testing grounds with a pilot run across six cities, the company announced on Twitter.

According to the company blog, customers will be allowed to drive the auto only for 30 minutes for one booking and will need to pay only Rs 40 for a 30-minute drive. They will have to undergo a 10-minute guidance session with the fleet executive before driving the auto. After the session, the customer will be able to drive for 20 minutes, accompanied by two professionals. He can drive only in a 1 km radius around pick-up site.

Zoomcar says, customers will be charged a refundable security deposit of Rs 5000 for every booking, which seems to be a challenging affair given the pricey amount .

Customers can avail the service on the Zoomcar website or their app (android/iOS).

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  1. Apr 1st already?

  2. Jatin

    Yes its true… Just today morning I got to know from my inner source in zoomcar.

  3. Rane

    If this is true, there is no product market fit really.

  4. ashish

    april fool joke , this is?

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