Bangalore Based Zoomdeck Takes Interactive Images to the Next Level


Bangalore Based Zoomdeck Takes Interactive Images to the Next Level

Zoomdeck-logoEvery photograph has something interesting to say. Haven’t you always had questions when you came across a photo like What furniture is this? Who is that person? What t-shirt is he wearing? How much does it cost, where can I buy one?

Zoomdeck, an iPhone app launched by a Bangalore based startup wants to help you answer these questions. It is a fresh take on adding interactivity to images. The service will also extend to the web in the coming days.

Features of the iOS App

At present, the app allows users to highlight an interesting element in a photo using rich tags or interactive spots. These spots can be used to link to video, audio, photo, products, maps or pretty much anything on the web. These spots are unobtrusive so has to not spoil the image.


While there are other similar apps like PixDub or Candidly which allows you to choose a particular spot on a photo and add a comment, what makes Zoomdeck different is that it allows users to have a conversation on a particular element in the photo. This will definitely lead to increased engagement in pictures. So there could be multiple conversations on a single photo. Also all these comments will also be searchable.

When we tried the app, we found it to be very nicely designed. There is also a Discover tab in the app which allows you to see photos, which are categorized, posted by other users. There are also a very limited set of filters to apply on the pictures.

Web Version & Embeddable Version Coming Soon

Apart from releasing a web version in the coming days, Zoomdeck will also introduce a feature which will allow you to embed these interactive images across any publishing platform/ website next month. Web developers will only need to add a single line of JavaScript to use this feature.

While there are a few companies that already offer this service online like Classmint,  Annotorious and Pixtick, Zoomdeck hopes to stand out by bringing its iOS app feature with multiple spots and comments to the web also.

Amarnath Vannarath, the co-founder of Zoomdeck says he finds that online stores, blogs and media outlets will find this feature really useful as they could add interactivity and point out interesting elements in a picture.

The app which was in closed beta for a few weeks has got more than 10,000 photos and 30,000 spots already.

Zoomdeck is backed by GSF, an accelerator program started by former Reliance Entertainment CEO Rajesh Sawhney. The team consists of Bangalore based developers Deepak E Prakash, Sumit Kumar Gupta and Amarnath Vannarath.

Looking to do what hyperlinks did to the web, Zoomdeck is an interesting take on increasing interactivity and engagement on images and hopes to become a platform that both consumers and publishers use.

You can download the iOS app here .

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