Exclusive : ZopNow Launches ShopStr; Is Playing A Platform Play [Brings iPhone 6 To India]

For ZopNow, this is an interesting platform play

Online grocery store, ZopNow’s parent company, ZN Retail has launched ShopStr, an online platform that offers great products at competitive prices, and is (probably?) the first online store to sell the iPhone 6 in India.

More importantly, and something which could be of greater significance in the Indian e-commerce space is that ShopStr marks the first use of the ZopNow e-commerce platform and this also gives a sense of the path ZopNow is going after – i.e. as an enabler of ecommerce platform.

ShopStr Uses ZopNow's Ecommerce Platform
ShopStr Uses ZopNow’s Ecommerce Platform

“While building ZopNow, we have consciously built it as a modular platform which will help other retailers to come online in a very seamless manner. This platform will take care of all aspects of building a scalable e-commerce business, all the way from marketing to consumers to customer relationship management to inventory management and last-mile delivery. We did this first with Hypercity, where we have made their inventory available to ZopNow customers. And now ShopStr is the proof that the platform works.” Mukesh Singh, the founder and CEO of ZopNow

ShopStr has tied up with suppliers across the world to bring well-established products at competitive prices to consumers in India and the iPhone 6 is the first product on ShopStr (which reminds us of 20North, Bangalore based startup that did something similar).

For ZopNow, this is an interesting platform play – i.e. they control the front-end to delivery experience, but will aggregate inventory from others and in some cases, license the platform.

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