Zynga Comes to Bangalore. Ibibo threatened?

Zynga, the international gaming giant is opening an office in Bangalore, India. It plans to capitalize on the rapidly growing market of India which is projected to become the third biggest one by 2013. Only after US & China. They plan to hire a workforce of about 100 people and possibly look at India office as a development center too.

The move seems a deadly one for the local social networks such as Ibibo which took to gaming as a means of engagement for its users recently. Ibibo has arguably more-or-less copied the FarmVille type of games on their social network and not enough data is available for any monetizations made by them on their virtual goods.

From international perspective, Indian internet market is a very attractive destination for most overseas projects considering information freedom similar to that of United States and different from China. To  Zynga’s advantage, Facebook also happens to be one of the strongest social network of India.

Tough one, isn’t it?

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