Zyoin : Job Referral portal from TechUnified Consulting

The Indian job market is suddenly booming with referral sites and the latest to join them is Zyoin, a portal from techunified consulting group.

The portal lets you:

  • Compare your salary with others
  • Refer friends
  • Ask questions (i.e. QnA module )

I am aware of few more startups (mostly in closed beta phase) who are operating in the same space. The challenge I see in this entire approach of referral is that the cunning breed of consultants are way too ahead (to fill up the junior/middle management roles) and have a strong ‘network’ with HR people in any organization. So, while referral sounds like a good fishing bait, most of the resumes sent by users will already be present in the HR database – and this is how the industry works (there are few well known stories about how HR/consultant incestuous link-ups).

A portal from an existing HR consulting company? – There are clearly open ended questions related to transparency/viability of data/referrals sent by users.

While salary comparison is a good tool (HT’s Shine.com is betting big on that), I am not sure whether these referral services stand a big chance for success.

What’s your opinion?

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