The Foundation of Trust | Sarah Jones Simmer | Knowledge Project Podcast Summary

#135 Sarah Jones Simmer: The Foundation of Trust | Free Podcast Summary

The Foundation of Trust | Sarah Jones Simmer | Knowledge Project

Sarah Jones Simmer, CEO of Found, shares her wealth of experience in this episode of The Knowledge Project.

She delves into the intricacies of scaling a business, the importance of trust in a team, and the value of investing in people.

Simmer also opens up about her personal journey through a cancer diagnosis and how it reshaped her perspective on life and work.

Growth Management

Managing people who are not able to grow at the same pace as the business can be a challenge.

It’s acceptable for people to write their own chapter and pass the baton to the next person when they are no longer able to keep up with the pace of growth.

Personal Health Journey

A personal health journey can lead to a reevaluation of priorities and a focus on what truly matters.

Despite health challenges, it’s possible to continue contributing professionally and find joy in work.

Behavior Change for Health

Behavior change, especially in the context of health, is challenging but necessary.

Technology can be leveraged to reinforce positive behaviors, and a supportive community and accountability partners can facilitate behavior change.

Outcome-focused Approach

Focusing on outcomes rather than hours can enhance productivity and effectiveness.

Taking time out of the workday for activities like exercise can actually enhance productivity and effectiveness.

When you have that beating heart of something that’s so clear, then it’s just about setting up the infrastructure for scale but doing it in a way that doesn’t crush the magic. – Sarah Jones Simmer

Addressing Weight Issues

Addressing weight issues is key to tackling many downstream health problems like diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

A multifaceted approach that considers factors such as hormones, genetics, and lived experiences is necessary.

Promoting Self-Acceptance

Promoting self-acceptance, empowerment, and body positivity is crucial in addressing weight issues.

Shaming is counterproductive and people should be equipped with the tools to improve their health and quality of life.

Maybe the goal shouldn’t be to grow with the pace of the business, maybe it should be to write the chapter that you need to and enable you to pass the baton to the right person who’s going to write the next chapter. – Sarah Jones Simmer

Fundraising Challenges

Fundraising can be challenging, especially for women and those with health issues.

However, personal experiences can provide a deeper understanding of the problem a company is trying to solve and can be seen as an asset by investors.

Diversity in Leadership

Diversity in leadership is important for bringing together a range of lived experiences to drive better business outcomes.

This is not just a matter of gender, but includes a wide range of perspectives.

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