Jio Cloud Gaming service beta goes live; free for all users

Registrations for the platform’s beta programme, which gives you access to more than 50 titles to play and test, are now being accepted. JioGamesCloud is free for all users, irrespective of your network provider.

The JioGames app for Android and the official website on PC and Mac both now offer the service. On the Jio Set-top box, games can also be played.

Amazon is ending wholesale distribution service in India, marking third business exit in the country

The wholesale e-commerce website Amazon Distribution, which was offered in a few neighbourhood stores in Bengaluru, Mysore, and Hubli, is closing down. Earlier, Amazon shuts two other businesses — food delivery and online learning platform Academy — in the country.

The goal of Amazon Distribution was to make it easier for kiranas, or Indian neighbourhood shops, pharmacies, and department stores to obtain merchandise from the online retailer.

Vladimir Putin Asks for Creation of a Digital Payment System

The new payment system is said to be independent of third-party involvement and banks. The new digital payment system can be curated using distributed ledgers and digital currency technology.

“We all know very well that under today’s illegitimate restrictions, one of the lines of attack is through settlements. And our financial institutions know this better than anyone because they are exposed to these practices,”

Aditya Birla Group’s ‘House of Brands’ venture TMRW partners with 8 Digital-First Lifestyle Brands

With these 8 brands on board, TMRW has achieved a revenue run-rate of INR 700 Cr+ and is on a path to cross an annual revenue rate of INR 1500 Cr+ in the next 12 months.

With this portfolio, TMRW has established presence across a broad spectrum of apparel segments ranging from Casual Wear, Kid’s Wear to Western Wear. The plan is to expand in related Lifestyle categories including Beauty & Personal Care.

Lithium-Sulfur Battery, the Soaring Next-Gen Battery

Lithium-sulfur batteries use sulfur as cathode and lithium metal as anode. Sulfur used as cathode for lithium-sulfur batteries is less expensive than cobalt used in lithium-ion batteries.

Since the sulfur cathode and lithium anode have low density and high capacity per weight than lithium-ion batteries, the battery’s energy density can become two-fold (>500Wh/kg).

Karnataka State Police launches an official App: SOS button, access to police services and more..

The App facilitates any citizen to notify any of their trusted contacts via SMS, regarding an emergency they are in through the SOS button.

Each of the Police Control Rooms in the Commissionerate / District Police Jurisdiction will be responding to the complaints. The issues notified by citizens would be automatically acknowledged with an SMS along with report number for future tracking.

Coming soon: Driverless trains in India

In India, there will be a significant shift away from traditional railway signalling systems and toward indigenous communication-based train control systems in the near future (i-CBTC).

For the first time, i-CBTC is being developed in India. It is a cutting-edge communication system that uses radio communication to transmit precise and timely train control information. The system will enable unmanned metro and train operations, representing a significant advancement in the field of automation.

Wipro the first Indian company to set up an employee union (European works council)

Wipro has reached an agreement with employee representatives on setting up a European Works Council.

The formation of a European Works Council has come after a request filed by employees under an EU directive with company employee representatives from 13 European companies including France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland and Germany. In all, there are over 30,000 employees working in Europe.

These 7 YouTube channels will teach you more skills than your college degree

YouTube has more than 50,934,583 channels.

Here are 7 channels that will teach you more skills than a 4-year degree:

(Thread) 🧵


The School of Life is a collection of psychologists, philosophers and writers devoted to helping people lead more resilient lives.


CrashCourse creates short and entertaining educational courses on a variety of subjects.


Talks at Google is a leader in the corporate interview series space, providing a platform for influential thinkers to tell us what drives them to shape the world.


Practical Engineering teaches us about infrastructure and the human-made world around us.


Learn coding, web development, and programming through freeCodeCamp for free. There are also tutorials about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and more.


Veritasium creates videos about science, education, and other interesting topics.


Gary Vee provides a range of exciting videos on various topics related to social media marketing and business.

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How to be adept at time management and save hours of wasted time

The most underrated skill; time management.

Here’s how to be a master at it and save 10+ hours you’ve wasted this week.

Time management is one of the most improtant skills we must learn from a young age.

Nothing in life will wait for us and we must meet deadlines each and every day for various tasks and goals.

Let’s begin:

1. Plan Out Your Day

If you don’t write a plan for HOW you will use your hours

Then there is a good chance you will waste them.

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Here’s how to add more hours to your day:

• The night before, plan the entire day
• Allocate each task according to the time it needs to be done
• Most important one’s come first

Doing so will save you hours of procrastination as you will know what needs to be done.

2. Wake Up At 04:00 AM

This habit alone has saved me countless hours over the last few years.

Rising at 04:00 helps you allocate a work block before everyone even wakes up.

You are in silence, with no distractions.

Here’s how to make this a habit:

• Prioritize your night-time routine
• Be in bed by 21:00
• No caffeine after 12:00 PM

3. Prioritize Important Tasks

Any task or goal that is important to you, must be done first thing in the morning.

Anything that is demanding or hard

When done first thing in the morning on a fresh state the results are always better.

Example of a Morning Routine:

• Rise + Cold Shower
• Plan the Day
• Grab a cup of coffee + get to work

This can be done in 20-30m and then you can dedicate 1-3h to your work before your day even starts.

4. Challenge Yourself

It is important to make life fun wherever you can.

A fun thing to do is to challenge yourself with an activity you do daily by trying to do it just a little faster.

Set a timer and try to beat your previous time.

Apply this fun challenge by:

• Doing an activity faster in less total time
• Doing more at the same time
• Keep track of progress as you improve.

5. Consistency

The most important determining factor to all of this is if you will remain consistent.

Everyone can have 2-3 near-perfect days where they manage to do so many tasks

But what about 30, 50, or even 100 days?

Here’s How to avoid slip-ups:

• Be clear with your goals
• Manage daily expectations
• Set clear goals for each stage of your journey
• Break goals down into daily actionable steps.

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Why emotional intimacy is important for a healthy relationship and how to create it

The foundation of any healthy relationship is emotional intimacy.

Meaning, you regularly show interest in and care about each other’s internal world.


Emotional intimacy is the process of intentionally connecting with your partner through actions that allow them to feel: seen, heard, and understood.

In order to have emotional intimacy, we have to practice vulnerable sharing.

It’s through vulnerable sharing that we learn to trust our partners.
– sharing parts of our past that make us who we are today
– opening up when we feel insecure or anxious
– having difficult conversations that make us uncomfortable.
– asking for our needs to be met

1. What is your best and worst memory from childhood?

2. What did you get from your parents that you needed, and what do you feel like you missed?

3. How do you liked to be loved? (this will change regularly)

4. When do you feel most confident and when do you feel most insecure?

5. What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned in the past year?

6. What’s something impactful that’s happened to you that you’ve never shared with anyone else?

Emotional intimacy is also formed through intimacy actions.

Intimacy actions show us that are partner considers us, listens to us, and keeps us working as a team even life gets busy.

– ordering your partner take out and putting it in the fridge with a note for them

– sending a “I’m so grateful you’re in my life” text message

– doing the dishes or helping out around the house

– offering to take something off their plate ex: “I’ll get the oil changed”

– planning something spontaneous and fun that you normally wouldn’t do (mini golf, a hike, etc)

– grabbing them a book on a new subject they’re super passionate about

– planning an at home date (watching a netflix movie and popping popcorn)

By consistently showing up in these ways for ourselves and our partner, we create a safe space for mutual freedom and evolution.

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5.4 million Twitter users’ data stolen in 2021 shared online for free

A hacker forum has made available for free more than 5.4 million Twitter user records that contained private data that was acquired through an API flaw rectified in January.

By utilising a Twitter API vulnerability, this data was gathered in December 2021. Private phone numbers and email addresses that are not intended for public use are mixed in with scraped public data.

Google secures Chrome with emergency update to fix 8th zero-day in 2022

The eight zero-day vulnerability used in cyberattacks this year has been fixed by Google in an emergency security update for the desktop version of the Chrome web browser.

Google has withheld information about the issue to stop its malicious exploitation from spreading since users need time to apply the security update to their Chrome systems.

Data breach occurs at Canadian crypto exchange Coinsquare

On November 19, Coinsquare had to briefly halt operations in order to look into some strange activities on its system. Nevertheless, preemptive efforts taken over several days allowed Coinsquare to gradually resume operations.

In a follow-up email to investors, Coinsquare acknowledged that the incident exposed their customer database, which most likely allowed third-party access.