Position Yourself for Success | Adam Robinson | Knowledge Project Podcast Podcast Summary

#168 Adam Robinson: Positioning Yourself For Success | Free Podcast Summary

Position Yourself for Success | Adam Robinson | Knowledge Project Podcast

Chess master and investing expert Adam Robinson shares his wisdom on positioning for success, decision-making, learning, and trusting instincts in this episode of The Knowledge Project Podcast.

He explores the importance of processing information through the body, the concept of consciousness, the significance of practical information, and the role of positioning in decision-making.

He also delves into the potential uses of ChatGPT and investment strategies.

The Role of Positioning in Decision-Making

Operating from a position of strength allows decision-makers to make good decisions that build on each other.

Conversely, when one operates from a poor position, things tend to go from bad to worse.

We’ve lost the ability to process information in our body… when I encounter a new idea, I’ll say, ‘Oh, this feels like another thought that’s related to it.’ So, I navigate the world, even of ideas, through my felt sense in my body. – Adam Robinson

Avoiding Decisions in Negative States

Making decisions when confused, tired, or stressed can lead to poor outcomes.

It’s important to be aware of one’s emotional state when making decisions and to remove oneself from situations that feel off or strange, as this can be a sign of potential danger or risk.

The Importance of Trusting Intuition

Our bodies often give us valuable information that we tend to ignore or dismiss.

Learning to listen to and trust our intuition can lead to better decision-making.

A Personal Experience with Intuition

A personal experience of narrowly avoiding a dangerous situation while jogging in Central Park reinforced the importance of listening to one’s body and intuition.

The Distinction Between Chess and Investing

In chess, losing a game doesn’t affect your ability to play the next game, but in investing, losing money today means you have less money to invest tomorrow.

This is a crucial distinction that many people fail to understand, leading to costly mistakes early in their investing journey.

Exploring the Potential Uses of ChatGPT

ChatGPT, an AI developed by OpenAI, can be used not just for answering questions, but as a thought partner.

It can help in asking better questions, which is the key to getting the most out of AI.

The Art of Asking Better Questions

A good question is one that prompts other questions or increases the choices that a decision-maker has.

Instead of asking ‘how do I do X?’, we should ask ‘who knows how to do X?’.

This shifts the focus from trying to figure out how to do something to finding someone who already knows how to do it, thereby increasing our choices.

Understanding the Question Behind the Question

Understanding the context or the real reason why someone is asking a question can provide a more helpful response.

By understanding the context, we can provide a more helpful response.

Accelerating Learning Cycles

The key to learning is accelerating the number of learning cycles, getting feedback, and reflecting on that feedback.

Technology, like the internet and software for testing ideas about financial markets, can significantly accelerate these learning cycles.

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