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On Purpose with Jay Shetty – Love Yourself and Build More Confidence

My focus is on the importance of solitude in our daily lives and how it can help us love ourselves better. Rule #1: Let Yourself Be Alone outlines a three-stage process for transitioning from loneliness to solitude, starting with being present with yourself and moving towards developing confidence in areas of personal growth.

It also emphasizes the importance of self-control and patience in the process of learning solitude, understanding our complexity, and embracing the idea that being alone can be transformational. 

Spending time alone

Spending time alone is crucial to understand ourselves, appreciate our strengths and areas to improve. Fear of loneliness can lead to unsatisfying relationships and insecure decision-making. We need to love ourselves first to develop qualities like empathy, patience, and compassion.

Being comfortable in our own company helps us prepare for loving others.

Alone time contd.

Spending time alone is not the same as being lonely. In fact, it can be a beneficial way to learn more about yourself and develop your ideas and opinions without outside influence.

Try incorporating regular alone time into your routine and pay attention to how it makes you feel. Embrace solitude as a tool for personal growth and self-discovery.

Understand yourself

Spending time alone can help us better understand our values, personalities, and goals, leading to greater self-awareness and confidence.

This, in turn, can help us build stronger relationships with others by making us more comfortable in our own skin and more open and curious about those around us.

The benefits of solitude for personal growth and self-discovery

  • Many people fear being alone, thinking it means they are lonely and unpopular.
  • However, spending time in solitude can actually be beneficial in the pursuit of self-discovery and personal growth.
  • Take time to assess how much alone time you have and how it makes you feel.
  • Then, try one new activity alone every week and pay attention to your reactions and thoughts.
  • This practice can help you develop ideas and opinions without being influenced by others, and ultimately lead to a better understanding and appreciation of yourself.

The power of solitude: understanding ourselves to build better relationships

  • Spending time alone can help us get to know ourselves better and be more comfortable in our own skin.
  • Through small steps like paying attention to our choices and being self-aware, we can fine-tune what we love about ourselves and improve areas where we need work.
  • By practicing solitude and being present with ourselves, we can better understand our values, personality, and goals, which can in turn make us better partners in relationships.

The Power of Solitude: How Being Alone Can Build Confidence and Uncover Your Values

  • Spending time alone and getting to know yourself is important for building confidence and understanding your values.
  • It may be uncomfortable at first, but challenging yourself through solo activities such as learning a new skill, traveling alone, or taking on a new job can help you discover more about yourself.
  • Knowing your goals and values can help you find a partner who respects and supports them.
  • Building confidence by focusing on personal growth rather than external achievements can help us feel comfortable expressing ourselves and pursuing our interests without seeking validation from others.

The importance of self-regulation in relationships

  • In relationships, we often rely on our partner to entertain us, comfort us, or make us feel better.
  • While it’s okay to seek support from others, we should also learn to self-regulate and give ourselves what we need.
  • Spending time in solitude can help us understand and love ourselves, which makes it easier for us to give love to others without feeling needy or fearful.
  • Understanding our own imperfections also prepares us to love someone else in their beauty and imperfection.
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