On Purpose with Jay Shetty – How to Change Your Perspective on Rejection Podcast Summary

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On Purpose with Jay Shetty – How to Change Your Perspective on Rejection

I am going to share with you the conversation I had with Rich Roll in his podcast. I talk about my experiences as a monk and share insights on meditation, mindfulness, and conscious capitalism. I also talk about the double-edged sword of social media and how it can be used for good.

Our conversation also touches on the topic of happiness, and I provide tips on how to reframe one’s perspective on life. We should reflect on one’s passions and expertise, find patterns in one’s life, and create an environment for opportunities to come later.

Building resilience through protecting your strengths

Protect your strengths, interests, and skills like a precious jewel, as the whole world may tell you it’s worth nothing. If you don’t protect them, they can’t protect your value back. Building a strong relationship takes a lot of work and communication, especially during times of immense change.

When one person in the relationship suddenly goes on a crazy trajectory, it can easily split apart most couples. However, with relationship skills and communication, you can build something special even during tough times.

Ancient temples of south india: a cosmic experience

South Indian architecture is impressive and unique, with temples that are up to 5,000 years old. These temples have a cosmic, other-worldly feel, like something out of a sci-fi movie. The pillars within these temples are built in such a way that they can transport you to another dimension entirely.

This experience is difficult to describe and must be experienced firsthand, regardless of your faith or religion. Meeting people where they are, connecting with them, and showing them compassion without judgment It’s essential to operate at a higher frequency to distinguish those who are genuinely wise from those who are pretending.

Success is rooted in service and solving problems

Success is based on the depth of the problem you solve; even financially, service still wins. Anyone who’s winning, whether we agree with their business model or not, is performing some type of service to people.

Service ultimately means solving a problem that really is a core need in people’s lives. Living communally, especially with that many men in one place, means facing your ego, pride, competitive mentality, and comparison daily. The routine of self and service is where you get this beautiful synergy between the two.

Two approaches to building relationships and finding fulfillment in life

There are two ways to get closer to someone in life: either by pushing everyone else away or by bringing everyone else with you. The latter approach is the one to strive for, as it dispenses with the zero-sum game mentality and recognizes that there is an infinite number of seats in the theater of happiness, each with a name on it.

Collaboration, growth, and building relationships are possible when we realize this. To find more purpose and fulfillment in life, it’s important to engage in both reflection and action, rather than doing too much of one without the other.

How to discover your true passion and expertise

In order to discover your true passion and expertise, start by reflecting on four areas: things you have expertise in but no passion for, things you have passion for but no expertise in, things you have no passion or expertise in, and things you are passionate about and an expert in.

Look for patterns in your life, such as your favorite cuisine or the best decisions you have made. Once you have identified potential interests, take action by trying out new activities, workshops, courses, books, podcasts, or shadowing experiences. This active exploration can help you find fulfillment and joy in your career and personal life.

Discover Your True Passions and Develop Self-Awareness

To figure out what you’re truly passionate about, try eight different things within 30 days and reflect on what you enjoy. Don’t solely rely on personality tests to discover your passions. Tap into the choices you made as a child and engage in activities that naturally interest you.

You don’t have to be an expert in something to start, but as you engage more, you create opportunities for growth. Adding meaning and purpose to your current skills can make them more fulfilling. Self-awareness is crucial to making decisions that align with your instincts and intuition. Developing intuition is possible by asking basic questions and doing a sense check after every activity. Become an encyclopedia of your own life to gain greater self-awareness.

Embracing failure and growth for spiritual purification

Intentions are not completely pure or impure, but rather a percentage of each. However, running away from impure intentions does not remove them; rather, facing them and being humbled by failure and growth is what purifies us.

The process of purification is like a muddy glass of water needing to be purified to become drinkable. Being self-aware and honest with yourself can lead to doing things with a pure motive, even if it starts with selfish intentions. Despite dealing with spiritual minefields in a successful, busy life, it is important to prioritize routines like meditation for their quality and depth to maintain purity.

Effective engagements with social media: tips and tricks to achieve balance

It’s important to learn how to effectively engage with social media rather than just disengage from it. Disengagement is only the first step towards effective reengagement. To become a successful social media user, one needs to consume only intentionally and create more often.

Creating boundaries and having specific times and locations for phone usage can be helpful in establishing healthy habits around social media. Additionally, starting the day as a creator instead of a consumer can be beneficial for productivity and maintaining a healthy relationship with social media.

Enhancing productivity through self-imposed rules and an optimized work environment

Setting rules for yourself can improve your life and increase productivity. Find your power situation, or your element, to perform at your best. Determine the environment that you thrive in, whether it’s solitude or a lively office setting, and create spaces that work for you.

Even small changes, such as playing the right song or having a calming desktop background, can positively impact your environment. By using your time effectively, you can expand the amount of time you have and achieve more.

Find your mini version of self-care, such as taking an hour a week to prioritize yourself. Crafting your space can lead to better productivity and success.

The importance of creating the right environment for your energy

Creating the right environment that suits your energy is important for your wellbeing and success. It can be fast or slow-paced, but most importantly, it should align with your personal power.

Many people feel drained due to being constantly surrounded by low-energy spaces like bars and restaurants, resulting in cognitive load and exhaustion. Knowing what environment suits you best and investing in taking care of your energy is key.

It all comes down to self-awareness and asking yourself the right questions to understand and thrive in the environment that suits you. This level of self-awareness can also enhance relationships with others by understanding their energy and operating similarly.

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