Alex Cooper: Feeling Insecure and Setting Boundaries | Jay Shetty Podcast Summary

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Alex Cooper: Feeling Insecure and Setting Boundaries | Jay Shetty

Alex Cooper shares her experience with social media-induced insecurities and the importance of setting boundaries.

She emphasizes the need for self-care, genuine relationships, and self-acceptance.

The podcast also highlights the value of being intentional, understanding personal motives, and finding supportive partners.

The value of privacy in relationships

Maintaining a balance between being open about a relationship and keeping certain aspects private allows for stability and focus on the connection without feeling the pressure of public scrutiny.

Setting boundaries in relationships

Establish clear boundaries when discussing conflicts and disagreements publicly, as sharing too soon can hinder the healing process and cause more harm than good.

Life is about degrees, not absolutes

Recognize that life is complex and should be seen as a series of degrees rather than a binary choice.

There are different levels of closeness and connection with people.

Setting boundaries is crucial in different areas of life

Recognize that life has degrees, levels, and layers.

Boundaries help establish different levels of closeness with people.

Consider the motive behind posting your partner on social media

Ask yourself why you feel the need to show off your relationship to others.

Is it to seek validation or approval?

True confidence means not relying on exterior validation.

Life is more boundaries and layers and levels. It’s like we think I’m either close to this person or I’m not, and I’m like, no, you’re closer to this person than this person. It’s not that you’re close or not. –

In a healthy relationship, both partners should support and uplift each other

Honesty and genuine support are attractive qualities in a partner.

Seek a partner who is not intimidated by your success and encourages your growth.

Being understood is so overrated and exhausting because who you’re mostly trying now in the age of social media to be understood by is people you don’t even know. –

Work on self-awareness and knowing what you want before entering a relationship

Understand who you are and what you want before seeking a relationship.

Avoid projecting your wants and needs onto someone else.

Be intentional in all aspects of life

Approach everything with care and thoughtfulness.

Being intentional creates a different energy and leads to better outcomes.

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