Audrey Tang on the Technology of Democracy | Conversations with Tyler Podcast Summary

Audrey Tang on the Technology of Democracy | Podcast Summary

Audrey Tang on the Technology of Democracy | Conversations with Tyler

Audrey Tang, the first non-binary digital minister of Taiwan, shares their insights on how technology can foster empathy, democracy, and human progress.

Tang’s unique perspective, shaped by their early exposure to classical literature and programming, offers a fresh look at the intersection of technology and democracy.

Empathy and Animal Suffering

Empathy is not confined to human interactions but extends to animals as well.

The growing understanding of animal suffering has led to innovative solutions like the Impossible Burger.

Open innovation is definitely the innovation that is co-created to bring technology to people rather than asking people to adapt to technology. – Audrey Tang

Open Source Technology’s Impact on Empathy

Open source technology can significantly influence empathy.

The ability to navigate between different levels of detail can help establish common values.

Working from a distance does not mean that you don’t meet people face to face. It only means that we transcend space boundaries when we’re talking to each other. – Audrey Tang

Remote Work: A Choice, Not a Requirement

While remote work can enhance work quality by transcending spatial boundaries, it should be an option rather than a mandate, as it may not be suitable for all types of work.

Data Usage and Privacy Norms

Societal deliberation plays a crucial role in determining norms around data usage and privacy.

This is particularly relevant in the context of Chinese tech companies and their state subsidies.

Literature’s Influence on Technology

Literature, such as Finnegan’s Wake, can shape one’s approach to technology.

Starting the day with a random paragraph from a book can set the tone for work.

Benefits of Radical Transparency

Radical transparency in communications can lead to better outcomes.

While it might not be suitable for all personality types, it can be beneficial for those who are balanced and moderate.

Humor as a Tool Against Disinformation

Humor can be a powerful tool in combating disinformation campaigns.

Responding to trending rumors with fact-checking and humor can promote pro-social behavior.

Future of Blockchain

Blockchain technology is expected to continue growing and be used for accountability and auditability across jurisdictions.

Its value in the cryptocurrency sense is dependent on the level of trust in the central bank.

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