Cynthia Erivo ON: How To Find Your PASSION & Get 1% BETTER Everyday | Jay Shetty Podcast Summary

Cynthia Erivo ON: How to Take Small Steps to Achieving Your Goals & Why You Should Stop Questioning Your Ability To Achieve Them | Free Podcast Summary

Cynthia Erivo ON: How To Find Your PASSION & Get 1% BETTER Everyday | Jay Shetty

In a heartwarming conversation with Jay Shetty, Oscar-nominated actress and singer, Cynthia Erivo, discusses her journey, the power of persistence, and the importance of being true to one’s character.

Cynthia shares insights on the importance of taking the first step towards success, changing mindset amidst self-doubt, and the nuances of portraying different characters.

What is supposed to be for you will come to you, and if it wasn’t meant to come to you, it won’t. You are good enough. – Cynthia Erivo

The Therapeutic Nature of Conversations

Conversations filled with love, joy, and understanding can have a therapeutic effect.

Sharing the lessons and insights gained from these conversations on social media can have a positive influence on other people.

Emotional Attachment to Characters

Actors often become deeply attached to the characters they portray, especially when they infuse parts of their own selves into the role.

Shedding a character is a gradual process that requires effort.

Impact of Character Immersion on Personal Relationships

Immersing oneself in a character can affect personal relationships.

The blurred lines between the self and the character can make it challenging for friends and family to differentiate between the actor and the role.

Believing in Destiny

Trust in the belief that what is meant for you will come your way.

If something comes your way, it is meant for you to experience and subsequently share your valuable insights with others.

Importance of Support System

The support from close ones plays a significant role in one’s journey to success.

Their belief in your abilities and constant presence can be a strong motivating factor.

I want people to connect with the people I get to play… they exist, and I want that for the people that I play. – Cynthia Erivo

Appreciating Nature and Seasons

Appreciating natural elements like sunshine and the changing seasons can be a source of joy and relaxation.

The energy of being in nature or even in a crowd, like watching a football match, can be invigorating.

Overcoming Procrastination and Overthinking

Taking the first step is key to overcoming procrastination and overthinking.

The initial action helps build momentum, making it easier to change habits and make better decisions.

Gratitude and Anticipation

Expressing gratitude for meaningful conversations and looking forward to upcoming projects, like Cynthia’s movie ‘Pinocchio’, can be a source of motivation and positivity.

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