On Purpose with Jay Shetty – Ed Mylett ON: How to Break Down Your Goals Into Achievable Steps Podcast Summary

Ed Mylett ON: How to Break Down Your Goals Into Achievable Steps & Simple Ways to Create Positive Daily Habits – Jay Shetty | Free Podcast Summary

On Purpose with Jay Shetty – Ed Mylett ON: How to Break Down Your Goals Into Achievable Steps

Ed Mylett is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, and high-performance coach. He is known for his motivational speaking and coaching on leadership, personal development, and peak performance. He has a large following on social media and hosts a podcast called “The Ed Mylett Show,” where he interviews successful people and shares insights on how to achieve success and fulfillment in life.

His latest book, The Power of One More is an indispensable roadmap to realizing and exceeding your personal and professional goals by tapping into the superpowers and gifts you already have inside you.

One more step

Always push for one more step, habit, or mindset change to achieve success and happiness. Have a clear vision for your life, and remember that when you feel like you’ve exhausted all options, you haven’t.

Our perception of our goals can create patterns that keep them out of reach. But opportunities can be just one conversation away. Believe in them and filter in people who can help.

Life is difficult

No matter how difficult life may seem, through love and determination, we can turn our struggles into strengths and help others who are experiencing similar challenges. Every small step towards growth is important.

Focus on creating something new and exciting for your future by staying present and having a vision. Surround yourself with supportive people who ask about your goals rather than reminisce about the past.

Perceiving goals as further away than they are

We often perceive our goals and aspirations to be further away than they actually are, and this perception can lead us to create patterns and behaviors that perpetually keep them out of reach. However, the truth is that we are often just one relationship, one meeting, one conversation, or one new tactic away from completely changing the trajectory of our lives.

By adopting the expectation that these opportunities exist and believing that we are capable of seizing them, our minds begin to filter in the people, places, and things that can help us achieve our goals.

Unlocking your imagination and vision for a happier future

Operate out of your imagination and vision, rather than being tied to the outcome. People often get stuck in their history and memory, and as a result, they limit themselves from imagining new possibilities. Instead of focusing on past successes or failures, focus on creating something new and exciting for your future.

One way to tell if the people around you are supportive is if they ask about your vision and what you want to create, rather than always reminiscing about the past. By staying present and having a vision for the future, you can break free from limiting patterns of thought and belief and create a happier, more fulfilling life.

Cherishing moments and people in our lives

Cherish every moment and every person in our lives because we never know when it could be our last day or their last day. We should spend our time being present and creating a future rather than dwelling on the past. We should tell those we love that we love them and make things right with those who matter to us.

Time is valuable, and we should make the most out of every minute by finding bliss and productivity. Lastly, we should make finding inner peace a priority.

Developing self-confidence through small daily actions

Self-confidence is not something that always comes easily, but it can be developed by taking small actions every day that are outside of our comfort zone.

By doing one more call, one more meeting, or reading one more book, we become convinced that we deserve success based on our actions, not necessarily our talent. However, it’s important to ensure that these actions are aligned with our values and goals.

Checking in with ourselves regularly and asking what matters to us can help us avoid taking one more step in the wrong direction. Ultimately, what we believe we deserve in life is what we’ll receive.

Checking in on your dreams and priorities

It’s important to check in with yourself periodically to ensure that your dreams and ambitions are still aligned with your current priorities, values, and desires. Don’t be stuck operating from a past playbook or pursuing a dream that’s no longer truly yours. Recognize that life is a journey with different seasons, and it’s up to you to live each season well.

Remember that you were born to do something great with your life and keep checking in to make sure that your current pursuits align with your greatness. Focus on what matters to you now and lean into your current season.

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