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Elan Lee, Co-Creator of Exploding Kittens — How to Raise Millions on Kickstarter, Deconstructing Mega-Successes, Secrets of Game Design, The Power of Positive Constraints, The Delights of Craftsmanship, and The Art of Turning Fans into Superfans (#653) – The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss | Free Podcast Summary

The Tim Ferriss Show – Elan Lee, Co-Creator of Exploding Kittens

Taking control of the product creation process can lead to conversations with retailers and distributors that are unique and innovative, giving you the ability to refuse investors and reach milestones.

Core gameplay loops

  • Even simple games can be a lot of fun when you experiment with different parameters and find the perfect combination.
  • Understanding the core gameplay loop helps create an enjoyable game experience that provides hours of fun for players of all ages.
  • Core gameplay loops are essential to make a successful game that is entertaining and engaging for players.
  • Knowing the core gameplay loop and having the right network are essential for creating a successful game experience and launching a successful campaign.

Get creative and engage fans

  • Get creative and challenge your backers to fun activities to create success.
  • Engaging and converting fans is all about making them feel included and focusing on one product at a time.
  • Carefully consider all constraints when designing a product – audience use, budget, size, materials, travelability, and shelf appeal – to create something people will cherish.

Balancing constraints to create a product that people will love

  • When designing something, from a box to a game, you must consider all of the constraints.
  • You must think about how the audience will use the product, the budget for each component, the size, the materials, the travelability, and how it will look on a shelf.
  • It’s a delicate balance that requires you to put effort and love into the product to make it something that people will love.
  • By taking the time to consider all of these elements, you can create a product that will stand out from the rest and be something that people will cherish.

Learning to negotiate, recognize patterns, and build relationships through games

  • Games can teach us many educational lessons.
  • SET, Monopoly and Settlers of Catan are all examples of games that can help you develop skills like resource management and social finesse.
  • In SET, you must be able to recognize patterns quickly, while in Monopoly you must learn to negotiate trades with other players.
  • In Settlers of Catan, you must be able to build relationships with other players in order to win.
  • Games are a great way to learn new skills and have fun at the same time!

Taking on a challenge can be rewarding in the long run.

Creating a great game

  • Creating a successful game requires a lot of hard work and expertise.
  • To avoid making enemies, it is important to plan in advance for all eventualities, including shipping costs.
  • To find great games, Elan Lee’s company has a completely open-door policy, where people can pitch ideas via email, Zoom, the website, or in person.
  • They focus on looking for games with strong gameplay loops that have players entertaining each other instead of the game itself.

By building relationships and not relying on financial outcome, we can develop meaningful connections with people and create a positive environment.

Building relationships without algorithmic distortion

While it can be tempting to chase after an audience, it’s important to be mindful of the potential for the personality you show online to become a mask.

Putting down our devices, playing games, and being kinder than necessary are all good steps to take in order to build relationships without being distorted by digital platforms.

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