WTF is Going on in the World of Content | w/ Nikhil, Ajay Bijli, Vijay S. & Sajith S. Podcast Summary

Ep #8 | WTF is Going on in the World of Content | w/ Nikhil, Ajay Bijli, Vijay Subramaniam & Sajith Sivanandan | Podcast Summary

WTF is Going on in the World of Content | w/ Nikhil, Ajay Bijli, Vijay S. & Sajith S.

This episode brings together three industry leaders who share their journeys and data-driven insights into the content industry.

They explore the market’s breadth, strategies, and upcoming trends, offering a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic world of entertainment.

Adaptability as a Key Success Factor

Adaptability is a crucial trait for success in the content industry.

The industry’s constant evolution, with new platforms and formats emerging, necessitates this skill.

The transition from managing a band to becoming a drummer due to unforeseen circumstances exemplifies this.

Significance of Sponsorship

Having a sponsor or people who believe in you is vital in the content industry.

The encouragement and belief from others can significantly motivate individuals to take on new challenges and succeed, as exemplified by the experience of being asked to build Google Pay in India despite having no background in banking.

Maintaining Objectivity in Decision Making

Maintaining objectivity in the content industry is crucial.

It’s easy to get swept up in the industry’s glamour and make misguided decisions.

Focusing on the script and the creative aspect of content creation can lead to more objective and successful decisions.

Future of Content and Investment Opportunities

The content industry’s future is constantly evolving, with new platforms and formats emerging.

The Indian market size, the future of content, and potential investment opportunities provide a reference point for entrepreneurs looking to build a business in the content industry.

Staying adaptable and innovative is key to succeeding in this dynamic industry.

Size of the Indian Content Market

The Indian content market, encompassing the streaming, multiplex, and talent industries, is substantial.

The streaming subscription business in India is about $2 billion, with the biggest players being Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Sony Live.

There are about 48 to 50 streaming players in India, indicating a highly competitive market.

Untapped Potential of the Content Market

While the size of the OTT business is small in absolute terms, there is a significant opportunity for growth if the creator and platform game becomes synergistic.

There are about 80 to 90 million people who have paid for a subscription at least once, compared to 800 million people who watch TV, indicating a vast untapped market.

Role of Vernacular and Regional Content

Vernacular and regional content play a crucial role in expanding the content market in India.

A significant portion of the content being consumed is in vernacular languages.

Short-form content, consumed predominantly by males under 25 years old from tier two cities, also holds potential for market expansion.

Impact of Smartphone Accessibility

Smartphones play a significant role in content consumption in India.

However, access to smartphones is not fully democratized, with two out of three smartphones being set up by the male in the house.

Making access to smartphones more democratized could help to expand the content market.

Creativity and commerce is something that should happen hand in hand. I think short form gives you a higher likelihood of success. – Unattributed

Investment Opportunities in the Content Industry

There are significant opportunities for both public and private investment in the content industry in India.

The exponential scale of the Indian consumption market presents a unique opportunity for investors looking to capitalize on the growth of the content industry.

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