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Andrew Huberman – Tools to Improve Your Focus & Concentration

This episode provides a list of behavioral, nutritional, and supplement-based tools you can use to improve your ability to get into a focused state to do mental or physical work.

There are science-supported strategies for transitioning into focus, maintaining focus during the work bout, and exiting the focus session, which is also critical, including decompression and defocusing tools.

Fasting your belly

Glucose Intake Levels and Neural Activity are directly linked.

Key to Hearing: Fasting for a short period of time increases focus; if your belly is full, your concentration might reduce; if sufficient glucose is consumed, then learning and cognitive functioning increase.


Keeps you awake by making some sleep deals with hormones: adenosine and adrenaline. It increases mental functioning depending on the dosage.

Key to Hear: Always try to consume caffeine within 1–1.5 hours from the time you wake up.

Myths to clear

  • Epinephrine or Adrenaline aren’t responsible for increasing your focus but to provide energy and maintaining alertness.
  • Dopamine doesn’t provide us with happiness, it is the master regulator for focus and attention seeking.
  • It is Oxytocin which is the joy giving hormone.

Power Of Sound

Binaural Beats: Voicing a sound in one ear and a different one in the other. These beats carry an intuitive wave that increases the healing process, creativity, and relaxation.

Key to Hearing: Hearing them 5 minutes prior to starting your task will help you jump through those alpha and gamma states.


It disconnects us from the world and blazes out our focus for the given task. Use OM chanting, reverse number counting, and warm nasal breathing for maintaining a long-lasting habit.

Key to Hearing: Timings should be maintained; if delayed, the sleep cycle may trip a lot. As soon as you reach your focused mental state, it shouldn’t be time to head to bed.

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