How a Top Investor Sees the World with Saar Gur (NFX Podcast) Podcast Summary

How a Top Investor Sees the World with Saar Gur | Free Podcast Summary

How a Top Investor Sees the World with Saar Gur (NFX Podcast)

In this episode of the NFX Podcast, Saar Gur, a General Partner at CRV and one of Silicon Valley’s top investors, shares his insights on identifying emerging consumer trends, his investment philosophy, and his journey into venture capital.

Known for his early investment in DoorDash, Gur’s unique perspective and approach to investing have made him a standout figure in the venture capital landscape.

Investment Philosophy

Gur’s investment philosophy revolves around scalability and impact potential.

He is drawn to companies that can significantly improve people’s lives or small business owners’ operations.

He believes in the power of the internet and software to create scalable solutions that can reach and impact a large number of people.

I wanted to have impact at scale and I guess that’s just been the amazing thing about the internet and software that really still draws my passion in that if something works, it’s just so accessible to people and it can have such a big impact in their life and touch so many people. – Saar Gur

Humility in Success

Despite his success, Gur remains humble and dedicated to his work.

He continues to dream about how unique products can improve people’s lives and is passionate about helping entrepreneurs realize their visions.

Investing in Post-Product Pre-Traction Companies

Gur’s investment strategy often centers around post-product pre-traction companies.

He learns a lot from watching a team put together a prototype, pick a name, and get customer feedback.

He gravitates towards companies that have a big idea from the beginning.

Emotional Reaction as a Decision Factor

Gur’s investment decisions are often driven by an emotional reaction.

He needs to feel excited and passionate about a company’s idea and team.

If there’s a new platform change or a massive change in consumer behavior, or if an entrepreneur shows him something he hadn’t thought about, he might get really excited.

Role of a Venture Capitalist

Gur believes that being a venture capitalist is about more than just providing funding.

He sees his role as being a supportive figure for entrepreneurs, someone they can call to discuss ideas, vent, or seek advice.

Empathetic Approach to Rejections

Gur’s approach to saying no to investment opportunities is empathetic.

He understands that a rejection doesn’t necessarily mean he thinks the company won’t succeed.

Sometimes, it’s simply because he doesn’t feel a connection with the company or its idea.

Investment in Patreon

Gur’s investment in Patreon was based on a theme he was interested in.

He had previously worked on causes with Sean Parker and was interested in the potential of the internet to enable new forms of patronage.

When he met the team behind Patreon, he believed they had the solution to this problem.

Investment Strategy

Gur’s investment strategy is a combination of following themes and looking for companies that align with his thesis.

He believes in the importance of understanding the problem a company is trying to solve and being passionate about that problem.

Embracing the Weird

Gur embraces the weird and looks for users who are getting real value from a product or a movement.

He believes that if a product resonates deeply with a set of users, it has the potential to go mainstream.

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