How Social Media and Societal Norms Are Shaping Marriages #bigIdeas

Is Social Media Affecting the Success Rate of Marriages? | Joe Rogan podcast

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Is Social Media Affecting the Success Rate of Marriages? | Joe Rogan podcast

This conversation with UFC Bantamweight Champion “Sugar” Sean O’Malley & coach Tim Welch explores the impact of social media and evolving societal norms on the dynamics, complications, and success rate of marriages.

It delves into modern dating, the prevalence of unfulfilled marriages, the apparent happiness versus reality gap, the influences on children, and the challenges facing successful individuals and celebrities in their love lives.

Accelerating Infidelity

Social media platforms, especially Instagram, can pose a threat to committed relationships due to the constant exposure to potential partners.

This acts as a temptation, especially when existing problems plague the relationship, accelerating incidences of infidelity.

Impact of Dating Apps on Relationships

The advent of dating apps has revolutionized relationship dynamics.

The surplus of potential partners available at fingertips can reduce investment in existing relationships.

The ease of meeting new people coupled with the addictive ‘swiping’ culture can make long-term commitment difficult.

Behind the Divorce Rates

Despite reported divorce rates hovering around 50%, the reality may be more grim.

When considering unhappy marriages where one or both partners lack the courage to exit the relationship, this figure may potentially be higher.

Instagram is essentially an infidelity accelerating machine because if you think of it. I know guys who are married and their wife’s page is all their wife sticking their titties out and sticking their butt out. – Joe Rogan

Children: Witnesses to Unhappy Marriages

Children are sensitive to the emotional atmosphere at home, and marital discord is not lost on them.

Consequently, these formative years can imprint negative patterns that children may unknowingly carry into their own future relationships.

How much are you going to be invested in figuring somebody out if you’ve got a hundred people that you swiped on that are also ready to go and you could just leave the state. – Sean O’Malley

Finding Love as a Celebrity

Celebrity status adds a layer of complexity to finding genuine love.

Societal expectations and norms could make it especially difficult for women celebrities to find a good, suitable partner.

Men as Providers: A Double-Edged Sword

Traditional societal norms that position men as providers can narrow the chances for successful women looking for a partner who meets these expectations.

The evolutionary aspect of this role adds to the challenge.

Shortage of ‘Good Men’

In the pursuit of a fulfilling relationship, the term ‘good man’ becomes pivotal.

Based on personal experience, it’s apparent that finding men who are ‘going for it’ is challenging within the general population, leading to a perceived shortage of ‘good men’.


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