Insight into Russia’s Political Dissent through Dasha Navalnaya’s Eyes | TED #bigIdeas

Insight into Russia’s Political Dissent through Dasha Navalnaya’s Eyes | TED

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Insight into Russia’s Political Dissent through Dasha Navalnaya’s Eyes | TED

In the episode, Dasha Navalnaya shares personal experiences of life under government surveillance while her father, Alexey Navalnaya, led a staunch opposition against Putin’s regime.

She unveils the realities and repercussions of political dissent in Russia and clarifies why global attention on Russia is of paramount importance.

And you, everyone who’s sitting here today or watching this online, you can help. Now. You, unlike millions [and] millions of those who have been threatened and murdered and silenced in Russia, you have a voice. Please don’t take your freedom for granted. – Dasha Navalnaya

Overcoming Propaganda

Independent polling suggests limited faith in Putin’s propaganda among the Russian populace.

Reaching out to the doubtful or indoctrinated masses is vital to swaying them towards opposition.

Collective action proves powerful in instigating change.

One of my favorite chants my dad used to do during the 2011 to 2014 protests in Moscow was: “One for all and all for one.” This is a phrase that we’re all familiar with, but most of us often forget. Dictators like Putin want us to forget it. They want us to forget how strong we can be when we work together. – Dasha Navalnaya

Global Repercussions

Navalnaya encourages global attention towards Russian issues, as cyberattacks, propaganda, election meddling, and official bribing pose threats to other countries.

Diplomatic relations with dictators prove futile as their sole interest lies in retaining power.

Optimism Amidst Adversity

Despite personal adversities, Navalnaya remains positive.

She attributes her father’s success to his emotional resilience and urges listeners to leverage their voices in supporting change, pledging continued fight until Russia becomes a free, democratic country.

Purchase of Influence

Russian leaders are buying global influence by means of corruption, particularly bribery, to meddle with other countries economy and political structure.

The scope of such purchase is broad and the impact has potential for far-reaching consequences.

Importance of International Support

Global attention and international support is necessary to oppose the dictatorial regime of Putin.

The opposition in Russia can benefit from a unified global stand against such oppressive rule.

The Power of Unity

The collective strength of the protestors can bring about substantive change against the ruling regime.

As indicated in Alexey Navalnaya’s protest chant, unity can present a formidable opposition to the rule of dictators.

Activism and Protests

Protests play a vital role in opposing an oppressive regime.

Despite the threat of incarceration, it is important to raise your voice against corruption and misuse of power.

The Danger of Silence

Remaining silent in the face of oppression has serious repercussions.

It is critical to utilize the available platforms and avenues to critique oppressive policies and advocate for change.


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