Jay Shetty – Indian Culture, Past Lives & Mental Health | The Ranveer Show Podcast Summary

Jay Shetty Returns On TRS – Indian Culture, Past Lives & Mental Health | The Ranveer Show 281 | Free Podcast Summary

Jay Shetty – Indian Culture, Past Lives & Mental Health | The Ranveer Show

Jay Shetty and BeerBiceps discuss the importance of men’s mental health, the need for open conversations about motherhood, the impact of Indian culture, and the nature of consciousness.

Men’s Mental Health

Men’s mental health is often overlooked due to societal expectations that men should be strong and not show emotions.

This mentality perpetuates unhealthy cycles and prevents men from expressing their true feelings.

We all go through something in life at some point that breaks us down that humbles us, and why wait till that point to allow yourself to cry? I don’t think we should hold back crying as much as we hold we don’t hold back laughing. – Jay Shetty

Struggle to Open Up

Men often struggle to open up to other men about their emotions, fearing judgement and ridicule.

This hinders their ability to seek support and can lead to further mental health issues.

I think that what’s really interesting about men’s Mental Health is we’ve always Associated crying or feelings or emotions as weakness. – Jay Shetty

Previous Generation and Mental Health

The previous generation, particularly the dad’s generation, did not prioritize mental health or seeking therapy.

They were influenced by societal pressures and the fear of what others would say, which limited their growth and led to long-term pain.

Hollywood and Mental Health

In Hollywood, despite being seen as the epitome of success, many celebrities face their own set of problems.

Material success and fame may not bring the fulfillment and happiness expected, and the overwhelming nature of media scrutiny can take a toll on mental health.

Indian Culture and Strength

The Indian culture, with its rich spiritual traditions, can provide a protective element for Indians around the world.

Embracing one’s Dharma (duty and purpose) and being proud of Indian culture can serve as a source of strength and support.

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