Konstantin Kisin: A Rallying Cry for Positive Change and Preservation of Civilization #bigIdeas

Konstantin Kisin: A Rallying Cry for Positive Change and Preservation of Civilization

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Konstantin Kisin: A Rallying Cry for Positive Change and Preservation of Civilization

In a captivating speech at Jordan Peterson’s ARC 2023, Russian-British satirist, author, political commentator, Konstantin Kisin offers a compelling overview of the current global situation and advocates for a more positive outlook on the future.

He challenges detrimental perspectives on history, urges for the preservation of civilization through action and innovation, and highlights the importance of courage in the face of adversity.

Unleashing Human Potential

Human progress is catalyzed by harnessing creativity and talent, not by adopting a victim’s mentality.

This principle underscores the importance of fostering an environment that encourages innovation and appreciates individuals’ unique contributions.

We will not overcome woke nihilism as long as young people are locked out of the housing market Unable to pair up unable to have kids unable to plan for the future. – Konstantin Kisin

Protecting Civilization

The preservation of civilization requires investment in its growth and evolution, prioritizing truth over superficial engagement, and proactively building the media platforms of the future.

Beyond the Culture War

Moving beyond cultural conflicts involves recognizing the positive aspects of societal history and encouraging pride in the past.

This approach fosters unity and common understanding while reducing societal divisions.

Building the Future Media

As the Legacy Media continues to lose relevance, there is an urgent need to build the media empires of the future.

New Media must shift focus from complaining about the past to proactively crafting the future.

Championing Education

Despite the challenges faced by educators and academics, they are urged to persist in their mission.

Their role is compared to resistance fighters, emphasizing their importance in shaping young minds.

Addressing Youth Issues

Addressing the concerns of young people, particularly the housing crisis, is crucial.

An economy and society that do not work for its youth will not motivate them to invest in its preservation.

Political Courage

Politicians are encouraged to prioritize impactful decision-making over reelection ambitions.

Solving pressing issues may come at a political cost, but the long-term benefits are worth the risk.

The Essence of Courage

Courage is defined as the willingness to do what is right, even if it attracts punishment.

It is important to live a life of purpose and make choices that positively impact society, even in the face of adversity.

My message to those people is simple: how dare you. You will not steal my son’s dreams with your empty words. – Konstantin Kisin


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