Macklemore ON: How To OVERCOME ADDICTION & Master Your Darkness For SUCCESS | Jay Shetty Podcast Summary

Macklemore ON: How to Stop Letting the Past Define You & Ways to Discover your Greatest Strengths in Hard Times | Free Podcast Summary

Macklemore ON: How To OVERCOME ADDICTION & Master Your Darkness For SUCCESS | Jay Shetty

Multi-platinum and Grammy award-winning artist Macklemore opens up about his journey through addiction and recovery, emphasizing the importance of authenticity as an artist and the crucial role of community and self-reflection in overcoming personal struggles.

When you put out art…can I do it in a way where regardless of its success or lack thereof…I know who I am? And I think that is the most important part about being an artist. – Macklemore

These near-death experiences, yes I have had actual like, you know, you were close moments…but even more scary than those are those moments where you don’t care. It can even go a step further than you don’t care, it goes to a place of ‘I don’t want to be here.’ Those are super, super scary. – Macklemore

Service and Selflessness

Service and thinking about others plays a significant role in recovery, helping to find connection and purpose outside of self-centeredness.

Deeper Understanding

Long-form podcasts allow for a deeper understanding of individuals, challenging the compartmentalization and judgment often associated with headlines.


Examining one’s character defects, flaws, and unique qualities is essential for personal growth and understanding one’s true self.

Importance of Openness

Being open and honest about addiction can create a space where others feel comfortable sharing their struggles, leading to a collective healing process.

Fulfillment in Creation

True fulfillment comes from creating with intention and a desire to improve people’s lives.

Creating from a place of fear only leads to more fears and dissatisfaction.

Prioritizing Family

Being present and prioritizing family moments amidst a chaotic lifestyle is essential.

Cherishing time with loved ones and creating lasting memories holds great value.

Leaving a Meaningful Impact

Leaving a meaningful impact doesn’t have to be on a grand scale.

It can be as simple as resonating with a few individuals through art.

Power of the Present

Being fully present and acknowledging the power of living in the moment is the best advice.

It emphasizes the importance of cherishing the present instead of being constantly preoccupied with the past or the future.

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