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Invest Like the Best with Patrick O’Shaughnessy: Marc Andreessen

Marc Andreessen (@pmarca), early Silicon Valley entrepreneur and venture capitalist at Andreessen Horowitz, discusses software’s impact on the future, Covid implications on business, current state of the education system, and more.

Software is eating the world.

Using less raw materials: Dematerialization

We are getting better at making more with less. The end goal of software is to do everything with nothing, which saturates physical products.

E.g., the modern cell phone has eaten plenty of products: CD players, DVDs, GPS, etc.

Software is the lever of the world.

  • Developers plug in code that has direct real-world effects. One day Uber didn’t exist; the next, it was a resource for consumers and contractors.
  • Software and automation change the economic landscape but don’t make it worse off.

The more detached the legacy system (college & university) gets, the more practical and pragmatic the private sector will get.

Investing advice from Andreessen Horowitz

Plan with specific milestones where money gets disbursed as they are achieved.

  • Fail fast and get the most money for the most successful projects.
  • reinvents innovation and venture capital.

East vs. West investing mentality:

  • East: consolidation, professionalization, scale; mostly retirement money in public funds.
  • West: the frontier, modernization, innovation, and access to private dynamic investments.

More Elon Musks

  • We have too much bureaucracy in production; innovation is stunted by policy.
  • It’s time to rebalance. Action and production are more important than the process by which you got there.
  • We have to enable more “Elons” to be funded and given more access to production.
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