Nessa Barret ON How To Deal With Loneliness & Heal After A Breakup Podcast Summary

Nessa Barrett ON: How to Overcome Loneliness & 8 Ways to Heal From a Breakup | Free Podcast Summary

Nessa Barret ON How To Deal With Loneliness & Heal After A Breakup

In this enlightening and emotionally charged podcast episode, TikTok sensation and singer Nessa Barrett opens up about her struggles with mental health, loneliness, and an eating disorder.

Nessa shares her personal journey, from moving to Los Angeles to chase her dreams at 17, dealing with anxiety, to facing the challenges of the music industry and navigating through a difficult breakup.

She emphasizes the importance of therapy and self-care in healing and personal growth.

Dealing with Anorexia

Nessa has been open about her struggle with anorexia and the difficulties she faces in dealing with this eating disorder.

The process of recovery is non-linear and often challenging, with triggers and misconceptions about appearance adding to the struggle.

Understanding and Recovering from a Breakup

Nessa shares her personal experience of going through a public breakup and the emotional turmoil that comes with it.

She introduces the concept of ‘eight stages of a breakup’, comparing them to stages of grief, and emphasizes the importance of therapy and self-care in the healing process.

Importance of Family and Independence

Despite valuing her independence, Nessa recognizes the importance of family and has made it a priority to reconnect with them.

She acknowledges the toll the industry has taken on her mental health and emphasizes the importance of support systems.

Facing Challenges in the Music Industry

The music industry has presented Nessa with multiple challenges, but she believes that the struggles are worth it.

This determination stems from her love for music and the desire to make a positive impact.

Recognizing the Stages of a Breakup

Nessa compares the stages of a breakup to the stages of grief, asserting that understanding these stages can be instrumental in navigating the emotional journey of a breakup.

Just have to be wise and not walk on eggshells but just be more sympathetic and understanding of what they could possibly be going through even though you don’t understand it. – Nessa Barrett

Addressing Codependency

Recovering from codependency has been a long process for Nessa.

She stresses the importance of learning to love oneself, be self-sufficient, and prioritize personal growth and well-being.

Therapy’s Role in Healing

Therapy has been critical in Nessa’s healing process, helping her to shift focus away from the pain of a breakup towards self-care and self-discovery.

Regaining Hope in Love

During the challenging processes of a breakup and healing, maintaining hope and faith in the possibility of finding love again is crucial.

Nessa encourages focusing on personal growth and remaining open to future relationships.

The Power of Self-Expression

Nessa finds solace and healing in self-expression, especially through music and art.

These outlets provide her with a platform to share her experiences, connect with others, and inspire those dealing with similar struggles.

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