On Purpose with Jay Shetty – Paris Hilton ON: How to Stop Shame from Controlling Your Life Podcast Summary

Paris Hilton ON: How to Stop Shame from Controlling Your Life & Turning Pain into Purpose – Jay Shetty | Free Podcast Summary

On Purpose with Jay Shetty – Paris Hilton ON: How to Stop Shame from Controlling Your Life

Paris Hilton is a CEO, New York Times bestselling author, philanthropist, DJ, designer, recording artist, actress, host, model, and influencer. Paris has defined and dominated pop culture, commanding her position as one of the most recognizable faces on the planet.

She has masterfully harnessed her self-made spotlight to architect a thriving entertainment and consumer products empire that spans an impressive range of businesses and verticals, including TV, film, audio, music, publishing, licensing, consumer products, brand partnerships, and so many more.

Pain into purpose

  • It takes courage to share your story, but by embracing vulnerability, you can find healing and connection.
  • Be cautious of people with bad intentions, and learn to evaluate the energy and intentions around you. Fame and money can change people, so it’s important to be kind and loving but also recognize and avoid negative influences in your life.
  • It’s possible to turn pain into purpose and help others who may be suffering in silence.
  • It’s never easy to talk about traumatic experiences, but it’s important to remember that shame and guilt should not be placed on the victim. Healing begins with speaking out and knowing that you’re not alone.

Open communication

Open communication is essential for healthy relationships with parents. Understanding generational gaps and societal norms can help bridge the gap. Positive affirmations and encouragement can positively impact self-confidence.

Kindness and self-belief can help us overcome difficult experiences, even when others try to convince us otherwise. Embracing our unique strengths, like ADHD, can lead to unexpected success.

ADHD syndrome

ADHD can bring unique strengths to business; creative interests should be nurtured; and speaking out about trauma can break isolation and empower others.

By showing grace and breaking the cycle of self-judgment, we can overcome the trauma and open up to a brighter future. It’s important to understand that blaming oneself is not the answer, and sharing the story can help others not feel alone in their struggles.

Supporting survivors

Having friends who understand and relate to your experiences is crucial in navigating fame and media scrutiny, and women should prioritize supporting each other in a competitive society.

To support abuse survivors, create a safe space for them to share their stories without fear of judgment or having their story repeated. Trust is crucial to creating that safe space.

Fake rumor test

Trust and loyalty are important in relationships. To assess the authenticity of a friendship, try spreading a fake rumor about yourself and see if it comes back to you. Don’t let your reputation define you, and be wary of mistreatment while seeking love and loyalty from those who value humility over fame.

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