The Tim Ferriss Show – Roland Griffiths, PhD: Facing Death Podcast Summary

Roland Griffiths, PhD — Life’s Ultimate Glide Path, An Unexpected Stage IV Diagnosis, Facing Death, How Meditation and Psychedelics Can Help, and The Art of Living a Life of Gratitude (#641) – The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss | Free Podcast Summary

The Tim Ferriss Show – Roland Griffiths, PhD: Facing Death

Bob Jesse was generous in providing Roland Griffiths with books and resources to help him understand meditation and its place within various traditions, allowing him the security to pursue his interests.


  • Meditating can be a difficult experience to learn, but with time and patience, it can be incredibly rewarding and yield a deeper understanding of the mind.
  • Meditation can lead to a greater understanding of one’s own thoughts and feelings and an insight of inner self.
  • Always evaluate the potential risks of introducing a product to the public and remain open to unexpected opportunities.
  • Self-awareness is key to recognising our inner voice and being kind to ourselves.


  • Approach fear with curiosity, interest, and an open mind to gain insights and deepen our understanding of ourselves and the universe.
  • Psychedelics can help us learn to engage with fear and suffering with curiosity, allowing us to become aware of the choices available to us and empowering us to choose our own paths.
  • Psychedelic-assisted therapy can help reduce end-of-life anxiety and provide moments of profound understanding and insight that can have lasting effects.

Navigating through difficult times for growth

  • Navigating through difficult times can be a challenge, but it can also be a great opportunity for growth.
  • Taking the time to practice gratitude and self-awareness can help us take advantage of these moments and even enjoy them.
  • Doing gratitude meditations and even procedures such as an MRI or PET scan can be an opportunity to become more mindful of the present moment and to appreciate it for what it offers.

Unlocking the power of the mind

  • The power of the mind can be incredible and can be unlocked in many different ways.
  • Meditation, guru transfers and even the use of tuning forks can open up altered states of consciousness that can be incredibly powerful and life changing.
  • Although the science behind these experiences has yet to be fully understood, research is ongoing to understand how and why these multi-sensory experiences occur.

The power of practices to enhance awareness

  • The lesson to be learned here is that there are a variety of practices available to us that can help us stay present in the moment and become more aware.
  • Meditation, tuning forks, breathwork, and yoga are some of the more popular practices, but each can offer different experiences.
  • A combination of these practices can be tailored to an individual’s needs and help them become more connected with the world around them.
  • It is important to recognize that these practices are not just “brute force” but are a way to open up to new experiences.

Recognizing introvertive and extrovertive experiences

  • It is important to recognize both introvertive and extrovertive experiences and to learn from them both.
  • Experiences like these can give us insight into death, which is an ongoing contemplation for many.
  • While some people may think they know what will happen after death, it is important to recognize that there is some uncertainty.
  • Having a sense of curiosity and an open mind can help us approach

Showing support through empathy and gratitude

  • People often feel helpless when confronted with difficult situations, as if there is nothing they can do to help.
  • When a friend is going through a tough time, Roland Griffiths suggests finding a way to celebrate life with them.
  • Offering empathy, not sympathy, is the best way to show support.
  • Rather than saying, “I hope you’re feeling better” or “I’m so sorry,” words like “been thinking of you” and “how are you doing?” can help them maintain an attitude of celebration and gratitude.
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