Selena Gomez on Overcoming Insecurities and Embracing Self-Love Podcast Summary

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Selena Gomez on Overcoming Insecurities and Embracing Self-Love

Selena Gomez, the globally celebrated artist, opens up about her struggles with mental health, the power of vulnerability, and the importance of self-care.

In this podcast, she shares her journey of healing, self-acceptance, and personal growth, offering valuable insights and inspiring others to embrace their imperfections and truly love themselves.

For me, and I think the reason why I am who I am, is because ‘just enough’ is what I am. – Selena Gomez

The reason why is because like we lived some of that together, we’ve went through that and we’ve found healing and we’ve moved past some of it… and as a mother, it’s gonna affect me… even if it’s something that she went through and I didn’t know she went through it. – Mandy (Selena Gomez’s mother)

Define success based on personal values

Selena Gomez emphasizes that her intention is not to be number one or break records.

She believes in being ‘just enough’ and focusing on making a positive impact.

Success should be defined based on personal values, not external benchmarks.

Impact of motherhood at a young age

Selena Gomez’s mother, Mandy, shares the challenges and the beauty of being a young mother.

She describes the responsibility that comes with having a child and how it shaped her path in life, leading her to be more responsible and kinder.

Discomfort with revisiting painful memories

Selena Gomez experiences discomfort when watching her own documentary, as it brings up painful memories and emotions.

She feels guilt for not being there for herself during those difficult times and wishes she could go back and protect her younger self.

Having a child at 16 made me even more responsible and kind of gave me a little path to follow. – Mandy (Selena Gomez’s mother)

Sharing personal stories and shedding light on difficult topics

Selena and her mom acknowledge the fear and vulnerability that comes with sharing their personal stories with the world.

However, they both recognize the importance of shedding light on difficult topics and providing a safe space for open conversations.

You have to be aware of what people are walking through. – Selena Gomez

Creating a platform for mental health support

Selena Gomez’s personal experiences with mental health struggles led her to create Wondermind, a platform that offers support and resources to those who can’t access treatment.

She aims to provide a safe space for open conversations about mental health and offer assistance to those in need.

The power of honest communication and trust

Selena’s strong bond with her mother has been built on honest communication and trust.

They have always been open about their own challenges, which allowed Selena to feel comfortable sharing her struggles and ultimately led to the creation of Wondermind.

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