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13 easy tactics to a successful mobile marketing campaign

The world moves on mobile, and if you are looking to promote your business, this is where you should move too.   Wendy Clark, Senior VP, Integrated Marketing, Coca-Cola Companies had once said –  “If your plans don’t include mobile, your plans are finished.”                         […]

Entrepreneurial Lessons From Your ‘PanditJi’

The topic may sound very abstruse, but then this is how we (humans) perceive things at first go. Many young age entrepreneurs are often ardent about learning key entrepreneurial skills. In their odyssey, they try extracting lessons from almost everything, which inspires them. From books to...

Get Your Pricing Strategy RIGHT

Pricing strategy is an integral part of the market-positioning decision, and its ultimate goal is to drive profitability. As an entrepreneur in digital space, I feel pricing is the most ambiguous aspect of value creation. The inherent success of the business is dependent not only on its own pricing...

What is your WHY?

Why we do whatever we do? This is one of the most life-changing questions you will ever come across. To set the tone for further discussion, watching this video is highly recommended. But no worries in case you skipped the video, just look at the following commercials from some of the most iconic...

Advertise Like a Ninja Online

Why a ninja? Ninjas have purpose. They are focused and ready to act in alignment with said purpose. Ninjas strike with precision. They abhor the hack and slash approach and just “seeing what will happen.” They study their opponent and when they strike, it is with ultimate precision.