Robin Sharma – The Materialism to Spiritualism Leap (The Daily Mastery Podcast) Podcast Summary

The Materialism to Spiritualism Leap | Free Podcast Summary

Robin Sharma – The Materialism to Spiritualism Leap (The Daily Mastery Podcast)

Outer success without spiritual triumph is like a moon without the stars.

Ayn Rand encouraged us to live with “clear sight and a clean soul.” Wise, right?

Inner peace matters

Our culture has trained us to seek worldly success—often at the cost of inner peace.

While the pursuit of sensational achievements is a very worthy aim, doing so while neglecting the wisest and truest part of yourself will lead you to a palace of deep regret. 

And here’s the thing: As you build and strengthen that relationship with your highest and best, every other relationship rises with you!

…your relationship with your loved ones, your work, your prosperity, and the world at large will ascend. Sometimes dramatically. Generally incrementally.

Become great from the inside

To lead a bigger life, become a greater person. The world really is a mirror, and it reflects not what we want but who you are.

When you continue this inner work, install better beliefs, clean out emotional baggage and trauma, and practice more of the higher emotions of gratitude, enthusiasm, love, awe, and wonder, you’ll get healthier, have more energy, and be stronger when you work on your spiritual life.

Mute your ego

Turn down the chattering voice of your ego, which is all about “me” and “what’s in it for me,” and you start being a giver versus any form of a taker, and you find a cause that’s larger than yourself.

And when you work on your spiritual life to connect with that higher power and that inner hero that lurks at your core, then everything you do—your work, the way you interact with people, the way you spend your days—completely changes.

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