The science of performing under pressure with Sian Beilock | ReThinking with Adam Grant Podcast Summary

The science of performing under pressure with Sian Beilock | Free Podcast Summary

The science of performing under pressure with Sian Beilock | ReThinking with Adam Grant

Explore the cognitive science behind performing under pressure with Sian Beilock, a specialist in this area and the first woman to be elected President of Dartmouth College.

Discover the strategies she recommends for managing anxiety and discomfort in high-stakes environments and how these lessons can be applied in different areas of life.

I spend a lot of time now trying to practice self-compassion and trying to feel okay when I’m not in the stressful situation ‘cause I think it’s okay to feel uncomfortable some of the time. – Sian Beilock

Overcoming Preconceived Notions

Challenging preconceived notions and harnessing underdog motivation can be vital for achieving success.

This requires a willingness to step outside comfort zones and confront biases or stereotypes.

Being uncomfortable can actually be great for a lot of things. It’s how you learn… being uncomfortable is a sign that you’re going to grow and that there’s something there that you care about. – Sian Beilock

Value of Academic Leadership

Academics leading universities can bring considerable expertise and a deep understanding of the academic enterprise.

This can result in increased revenue per employee and overall improved performance.

If you had no anxiety, you’d be dead first of all. This is part of being aroused and being alive. – Sian Beilock

Building a Balanced Team

A successful team requires individuals who can fill blind spots and are excited about change.

New leaders should invest time in understanding the culture, challenges, and opportunities within their organization to build such teams effectively.

Learning and Growing as a Leader

Leaders should engage in a learning tour, setting specific goals for knowledge and perspectives they want to gain.

Having doubts can facilitate feedback, humility, and a willingness to learn and grow, vital traits for any leader.

Imposter Syndrome in High-Achievers

Imposter syndrome is common among high-achieving individuals, often making them feel undeserving of their success.

Recognizing it as a shared experience and being aware of the ‘impostor trigger’ situations can help combat this mindset.

Cultivating a Support Network

A strong support network of mentors, colleagues, and friends can provide reassurance and perspective during moments of self-doubt.

This can be a powerful tool in overcoming imposter syndrome and building confidence.

Embracing Failure and Celebrating Wins

Viewing failure as a stepping stone to success and a normal part of the learning process can help combat self-doubt and imposter syndrome.

Celebrating small wins and acknowledging achievements can also boost confidence and resilience.

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