The Thrilling World of Professional Pool Gambling: A Peek Behind the Curtain | #bigIdeas

Pro Pool Player Jeremy Jones Tells His Craziest Gambling Stories | Joe Rogan podcast

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Pro Pool Player Jeremy Jones Tells His Craziest Gambling Stories | Joe Rogan podcast

Dive into the high-stakes world of professional pool gambling with Jeremy Jones, a renowned pool player.

Jeremy Jones was the 1998 US Open One Pocket champion, the 2003 US Open 9 Ball champion, and has represented Team USA in the Mosconi Cup on seven occasions. Jones shares his experiences, strategies, and the colorful characters he has encountered in this adrenaline-fueled profession.

Eccentricities of Stakehorses

Stakehorses often have unique habits and eccentricities.

They are known to store their money in unusual places, such as buried underground or hidden in bushes.

The High Risks of Gambling

The world of professional pool gambling is characterized by high risks and high rewards.

It’s common for players to win big tournaments only to lose all their winnings at a casino.

Local Celebrity Status

High-stakes pool games can attract the attention of entire towns, leading to escalating stakes and side bets.

This can turn players into local celebrities.

Unpredictable Incidents

Professional pool games can be halted by unexpected incidents.

An example is shared where a practice shot ricochets off a pocket and injures a stakehorse, causing a significant injury.

Dangerous Personal Lives

Some individuals involved in pool gambling lead dangerous personal lives, often linked to illegal activities.

Tragic incidents like shootings and untimely deaths are not uncommon.

It’s amazing what people do with their money. I can’t tell you probably maybe the craziest… One of his sons… He let us stay there and he said he knew it right. It was a thirty thousand dollar Bush. – Jeremy Jones

Underworld Connections

Pool gambling can intersect with the underworld, with stakehorses often involved in illegal activities, such as running underground lotteries.

The Drama of High-Stakes Games

High-stakes games often have pivotal moments that can change the course of the game.

A missed shot or a surprise comeback can dramatically shift the game’s outcome.

The Allure of Gambling

The spirit of gambling can be enticing, with players often admired for their willingness to take risks.

This can lead to opportunities for high-stakes games.

Insights into Professional Pool Gambling

The world of professional pool gambling is filled with strategies, personalities, and high-stakes risks.

It offers a side of the sport rarely seen by the public, where players compete for substantial amounts of money in high-stakes games.


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