Robin Sharma – The Tycoons’ Secret for Exponential Economic Wealth? (The Daily Mastery Podcast) Podcast Summary

The Tycoons’ Secret for Exponential Economic Wealth? | Free Podcast Summary

Robin Sharma – The Tycoons’ Secret for Exponential Economic Wealth? (The Daily Mastery Podcast)

To become a billionaire, you must help a billion people lead better lives. Income always follows impact. 

Billionaires are not from a different universe than you, nor do they possess talents you don’t have.

Not at all.

Billionaires are ordinary people

Many are actually fairly ordinary. And have come from hard backgrounds (sometimes this factor actually serves them well as they have something to prove to the world; which makes them relentless).

The tycoons have just discovered how to operate in extraordinary ways. And when done so over time, the steady daily gains stack into exponential lifetime successes.

Don’t focus on income

To increase your income, think about ways to increase your impact, because income is a by-product of impact.

People are always ruminating, “Oh, I wish I had more money.” I don’t have enough income. “How can I get more income?”

These people are missing the point. If your obsession is on your income, your focus is off your impact.

Money is a by product of the value you provide

When you help more people, deliver more value, and push more magic into the marketplace, the marketplace and the world reply with more income. Money is a by-product of value rendered to many people.

Another way to play with the principle is to say, “If you want to be a billionaire, help a billion people.”

And so, impact is completely related to your income. Your income is a function of your contribution and helpfulness.

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