TOM HOLLAND Gets Vulnerable About Mental Health & Overcoming Social Anxiety Podcast Summary

Tom Holland ON: How to Overcome Social Anxiety & Beneficial Life Lessons You Can Learn From Family | Free Podcast Summary

TOM HOLLAND Gets Vulnerable About Mental Health & Overcoming Social Anxiety

A conversation between Tom Holland and Jay Shetty discusses mental health struggles, family support, and overcoming challenges.

Being a Supportive Friend

Holland enjoys being the designated driver for his friends, ensuring their safety and being there for them even when he is not drinking.

Finding Calm and Humility in Nature

Tom Holland discusses his experiences with animals, particularly gorillas and whales, and how being in their presence can evoke a sense of calm and humility.

He believes that being helpless in the face of these creatures helps him make peace with his choices and appreciate the beauty of living beings.

Admiring Champions

Holland admires athletes, especially tennis players like Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer, for their ability to perform under pressure and bounce back from defeats.

He believes that true champions are those who have lost everything and managed to regain their success.

Appreciating Musicians and Comedians

The actor expresses admiration for musicians like Ed Sheeran who can captivate large audiences, as well as comedians who have the skill to make people laugh.

He also recognizes the team effort involved in his own profession as an actor, where many people contribute to his performance.

Learning from Mentors

Holland emphasizes the importance of learning from and being mentored by people, even if you haven’t met them personally.

He believes that studying the decisions, beliefs, and values of notable individuals can have a significant impact on one’s mindset and personal growth.

I think a lot of my lessons in life have come from my dad and the ways that he can deal with things, things that he hasn’t done very well in the past that he’s passed on to me. And I sort of live by this really, I don’t actually know if Christian Bale did say this, but I love the quote. If you have a problem with me, text me. And if you don’t have my number, you don’t know me well enough to have a problem with me. – Tom Holland

Supporting Harry Kane

When discussing the future of football player Harry Kane, Holland expresses his desire to see Kane succeed and lift trophies, even if it means leaving his current team, Tottenham Hotspur.

He believes that Kane’s talent and skill would shine in any team, and he wishes to see him at the top.

Mindset Shift

Holland mentions turning nerves into excitement as the best advice he’s received.

He finds this mindset shift helpful.

He also jokingly mentions the worst advice he received, which involved moving to LA, getting a marijuana license, and buying a hot tub.

Asking for help should be something that we celebrate. If you’re struggling, if you need help, if you feel bad, and you wake up and you go to a friend, a therapist, a teacher, an employee, or a colleague, and say ‘I’m really struggling, I need some help,’ that should be something that we give you a pat on the back, like, ‘I would love to help you. I’m delighted that you asked me.’ – Tom Holland

Golf and Emotional Mastery

Holland shares that he is currently taking golf lessons but admits that progress has been slow.

He mentions the importance of finding a coach who focuses on the feel of the swing rather than just technical feedback.

Holland highlights the need for a life school that teaches emotional mastery, empathy, and creating safe spaces for understanding others.

He encourages seeking help as a sign of empowerment and strength.

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