WATCH OUT! The Food Industry’s LIES and HOW they are Slowly POISONING US… | Calley Means Podcast Summary

Watch Out! The Food Industry’s Lies and How they are Slowly Poisoning Us… | Calley Means | Free Podcast Summary

WATCH OUT! The Food Industry’s LIES and HOW they are Slowly POISONING US… | Calley Means

This episode delves into the controversial world of food and health, shedding light on the lingering lies and manipulation tactics of the food industry.

Calley Means, a vocal critic of the food and pharma industries, uncovers the scandalous lack of transparency about the link between food and chronic diseases, the profiteering motives behind the healthcare system, and the alarming rise of metabolic dysfunction in America.

The discussion also addresses the role of personal choices and lifestyle interventions in reversing disease and improving health.

The Crisis of Childhood Obesity and Mental Illness

Alarming rates of obesity, fatty liver disease, and mental illness among children are largely ignored by the healthcare system, which leans towards pharmaceutical solutions instead of addressing the root cause.

Influential groups like the American Academy of Pediatrics, funded by pharmaceutical and processed food companies, further exacerbate the problem by promoting unhealthy eating habits.

The thing that’s making you sick predominantly is what you’re eating, so you’re eating something that’s making you sick in this really chronic slow, gives us lots of symptoms to treat with lots of medication that you have to take every day. – Calley Means

The Detrimental Effects of Unhealthy Subsidies

The root cause of modern health issues is the consumption of harmful ingredients subsidized by the government, leading to a diet heavy in grains, sugar, and highly processed foods.

Addressing these subsidies and raising awareness about the impact of diet on metabolic disease can help promote healthier eating habits.

The Importance of Exercise and Whole Foods

Improving health is simple: focus on whole foods, avoid glucose-spiking foods, prioritize sleep, sunlight, and exercise.

Committing to 150 minutes of heart-rate-increasing exercise and eliminating harmful ingredients from the diet can significantly improve health.

The Role of Education in Promoting Healthy Eating

Education and curiosity about micronutrients, fiber, antioxidants, and the impact of different diets are essential.

Cutting out harmful ingredients like processed foods and inflammatory oils and focusing on essential nutrients can foster a healthier population.

The Food Industry’s Deception and Government Misguidance

The food industry has been spreading lies, and the government’s food and health guidelines cannot be trusted.

Agencies and industry are entwined in corruption, with nutrition studies funded by processed food companies leading to biased recommendations.

Clear guidelines are needed to limit sugar consumption, especially among children.

Grassroots Support and Policy Change

Grassroots support can be a powerful force for policy change in the food and healthcare systems.

The ‘healthy at any size’ movement, although weaponized to silence debate about the health risks of obesity, can be redirected to view obesity as a symptom of metabolic dysfunction.

We are being brought to our knees by metabolic dysfunction tied to food… We’re destroying our human capital and obviously our budget from something we’re being told is complicated but it’s very simple. – Calley Means

Regenerative Agriculture and Technological Empowerment

Regenerative agriculture can restore ecosystems and improve soil health, countering nutrient depletion from industrial farming practices.

Technology can empower farmers to adopt these practices, leading to better food production.

The Addiction Crisis Tied to Food Choices

The addiction crisis in America is deeply tied to food choices, leading to insulin resistance, mental health issues, and chronic conditions.

Viewing metabolic health as the lens through which all health issues are seen requires a shift in the medical framework.

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