EntreLeadership – Dave Ramsey Book Summary

EntreLeadership – Dave Ramsey | Free Book Summary

EntreLeadership – Dave Ramsey

How to build and grow a successful business.

Growing leaders was too calm and organized for me, but growing entrepreneurs was too wild and chaotic for me. So I decided we needed to grow a combination of the two. and thus the entrepreneur was born.”

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The EntreLeader

An entrepreneur focuses on starting a business, while leaders tend to be focused on keeping a business going. 

The entreleader is a combination of entrepreneurs and leaders. They lead a start-up company to grow into a thriving business.

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Create a clear plan for realising your dream business

Your dream is the start of your business’s success. But you also need to ensure that you’ve set up a clear plan for achieving it.

For dreams to become reality, we need to divide the vision into clear goals of what to achieve. Using management by objectives, or MBO, can help keep your team on the right path.

Decide on the type of goal with each team member, then create a clear deadline for the goal.

Accountability is essential.

Prioritise to-do lists

Without a clear plan for what you want to accomplish, you will not achieve your goal. A simple to-do list can keep you on the right path.

When you look back to the tasks completed, you will see that you’ve done a list of meaningful tasks.

A great marketing strategy

An essential part of your business is a good marketing strategy.

However, forming a strong marketing strategy is a learning process. You might not succeed initially, but you can learn from your failures and adapt your strategy accordingly. By doing that, you will keep getting better.

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