Food Rules by Michael Pollan Audiobook | Free Summary

Free Audiobook summary of the book Food Rules by Michael Pollan and Maira Kalman.

We have been eating wrong all our lives. This book shakes our belief patterns on food and diet.

Food Facts: What We Need To Know

● The western diet is responsible for nearly all Type II diabetics, 80% of all cardiovascular diseases, and 33% of all cancers.

● These diseases do not affect populations that consume a diverse range of foods (unrefined).

● Your health may improve if you abandon the Western diet.

● Food processing removes nutrients, introduces toxins, and increases absorbability (causing insulin challenges).

The Western Diet

Populations that consume a so-called Western diet—generally defined as a diet high in processed foods and meat, high in added fat and sugar, high in refined grains, high in everything except vegetables, fruits, and whole grains—always have high rates of the so-called Western diseases: obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.

Key Points

● Eat local, healthy food that your great-grandmother would have recognized.

● Avoid anything processed.

● Buy from your local farmer’s market.

● Avoid food products containing ingredients that no ordinary human would keep in the pantry.

● Avoid food products that contain high-fructose corn syrup.

● Avoid foods that have some form of sugar (or sweetener) listed among the top three ingredients.

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