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A minimalist lifestyle entails having fewer possessions and using those that you do have wisely.

When we are buried beneath our possessions, minimalism allows us to experience freedom, fulfilment, and things we would not have otherwise.

Minimalism is more than just getting rid of things we don’t need; it is a new way of life that allows us to be more in tune with the present moment and less distracted by the things around us.

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The amount of information we consume and the things we must care for completely overwhelm our traditional brains. Humans were not designed to focus on multiple tasks at the same time. But here we are, doing it, and wondering why we are stressed, depressed, and unable to complete everything we need to.

The Art of Throwing Things Away

While it may be difficult at first, as you practise throwing things away, it will become easier.

Our possessions are similar to those of roommates, except that we pay their rent.

Think of department stores as your personal warehouses. There’s no reason to keep 40 rolls of paper towels, 25 spare lightbulbs, and 60 food cans on hand. It takes up valuable space and locks your money up in something you may never use.

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