It’s Called a Breakup Because It’s Broken: The Smart Girl’s Break-Up Buddy – Greg Behrendt Book Summary

It’s Called a Breakup Because It’s Broken: The Smart Girl’s Break-Up Buddy – Greg Behrendt | Free Book Summary

It’s Called a Breakup Because It’s Broken: The Smart Girl’s Break-Up Buddy – Greg Behrendt

‘It’s Called a Breakup Because It’s Broken’ by Greg Behrendt is a practical and witty guide that offers valuable insights and advice to help women navigate through the difficult journey of a breakup. With an engaging style and a good dose of humor, it seeks to provide a clear path for healing, rediscovering self-worth, and moving on to a happier future.

Embrace the Breakup

A breakup can be painful and emotional; however, acknowledging and embracing it is the first step towards healing.

It is crucial to remember that a breakup occurs for a reason, and there are valuable lessons that one can learn from this experience. AtomicIdeas Newsletter

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No Contact Rule

Cutting off communication with an ex-partner creates the necessary boundaries to begin healing.

The no contact rule includes avoiding text messages, phone calls, and social media interactions, which helps to resist the temptation of obsessing over your ex or giving into false hope.

Reclaim Your Identity

It is essential to rediscover and nurture your sense of self after a breakup, which can often get lost in a relationship.

This step includes introspection, understanding personal values, and pursuing hobbies or passions that define your individuality without the influence of a partner.

Heal with Friends

Support from friends and family is crucial when healing from a breakup.

They offer a shoulder to lean on, an opportunity to vent, and honest advice which can help make sense of the situation and facilitate recovery.Free book, podcast summaries

Avoid Rebound Relationships

Although jumping into a new relationship might seem like a quick fix for a broken heart, it is rarely a wise decision.

Rebound relationships generally do not provide the emotional stability or lasting satisfaction needed for a healthy partnership and can further hinder the healing process.

Grieve and Accept

It is essential to allow yourself to grieve, feel the pain, and eventually accept the breakup.

Understanding that the sadness is a natural part of healing will help you process emotions and thoughts without judgment or suppression.

Uproot the Fantasy

Focus on seeing the relationship for what it truly was, without romanticizing it or getting lost in nostalgia.

This realistic view is a critical step in letting go of a past love and helps redirect the energy towards moving on.

Create an Ex-Free Space

After a breakup, personal space should be rid of objects that remind of your ex.

This might include pictures, gifts, or clothes that maintain an emotional attachment.

By cleaning the space, a healthy and fresh environment is created to aid in healing.


Utilize the time and energy saved from a relationship to focus on self-improvement.

Setting goals for personal growth, including health, career, or learning new skills, can create a sense of accomplishment and positivity in life.

Build a New Future

The end of a relationship marks the start of a new chapter.

Embrace this opportunity to grow, learn from past experiences, and build a brighter, happier future for yourself, independent of a romantic partnership.

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