Super Thinking by Gabriel Weinberg Audiobook | Free Summary

Free Audiobook summary of the book Super Thinking: The Big Book of Mental Models by Gabriel Weinberg and Lauren McCann.

Super Thinking is about the frameworks and shortcuts top performers depend on the cut through complexity and separate good ideas from bad ones.

First Principles Thinking

Thinking about a problem in reverse can lead to new solutions and strategies.

Arguing from first principles is the central mental model to help you become a chef with your thinking. It is the practical starting point for being less wrong, and it entails thinking from the ground up, using basic building blocks of what you believe to be true to construct sound (and sometimes novel) conclusions.

De-Risking: Implementing The First Principles Approach

When you argue from first principles, you are purposefully starting from scratch. You are explicitly avoiding the trap of conventional wisdom, which may turn out to be incorrect.

To be wrong less frequently, you must put your assumptions to the test in the real world, a process known as de-risking.

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