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The Law of Leadership

Being first is preferable to being better.

The fundamental issue in marketing is creating a category in which you can be the first. It’s easier to persuade someone’s thinking without first convincing them that your product is superior.

Choose a name for your new category that can be used anywhere.

The Law of the CategoryFree book, podcast summaries

If you can’t be first in your current category, create a new one.

When you launch a new product, inquire as to which category it will be the first in. This goes against conventional marketing wisdom, which holds that getting people to prefer your brand is the goal. Don’t think about brand. Consider categories. When there is something new, everyone’s interest is piqued.

The Law Of The Mind

It is preferable to be first in your mind than first in the marketplace. The conflict in marketing is about perception rather than the actual product.

People dislike being persuaded to change their minds, so put yourself first in their minds. Once a decision has been made, the mind rarely changes its mind.

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