The Art of Learning – Josh Waitzkin Book Summary

The Art of Learning – Josh Waitzkin | Free Book Summary

The Art of Learning – Josh Waitzkin

Most of us don’t know how to learn things, with what attitude we face situations, or which mindset is better when you approach your next goal.

Learning “HOW TO LEARN”

How do I have the right attitude towards learning anything?

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What are the factors that differentiate the few who make it to the top?

Since most people never achieve that lofty goal, what is the point of trying?

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Don’t have ENTITY mindset

This belief is wrong: “skill is an ingrained and unalterable level of ability.” So, don’t use language like

I am a good writer

I am bad at Music

Also, parents should not set their children up for failure by telling them

You are so good at reading

Maths is not your thing

This is called “learned helplessness orientation.”

The fields of learning and performance are an exploration of greyness – of the in-between. There is a careful balance of pushing yourself relentlessly, but not so hard that you melt down. Muscles and minds need stretch to grow, but if stretched too thin, they’ll snap.

Recurring cycle in the process of learning

One phase of full throttle action

One phase of influx, broken down growth

Most people refuse to invest in loss during the growth stages and as a result never upgrade their game.

Sometimes you need to breakdown everything in mind and start from ground zero to reconstruct the game and to reach to the next level. So you need to invest in loss sometimes.

Peak Performance is related to stress and recovery process

Better the recovery process, better performance.

More you practise the cycles of rest, the less you will need to take. Athletes are taught this as “interval training”.

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