The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read – Philippa Perry Book Summary

The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read – Philippa Perry | Free Book Summary

The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read – Philippa Perry

The book will help you to step back. Focus on more bigger picture of parenting to foster a strong relationship with your child so that they can grow emotionally and mentally healthy

Children won’t form on their own like seedlings, Children grow through their relationships with others.

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3 Key Insights

Insight 1: The way we react to parenting situations is tied to our own childhood.

Insight 2: Validate your child’s feelings, even the irrational onesFree book, podcast summaries

Insight 3: There are things we can do as parents to encourage sound mental health.

Remember yourself as a child

Think about what makes you angry or frustrated as a parent. Then, try to remember if anything similar used to happen to you when you were young. Try to draw links between your childhood and your own child’s present, and address any emotions attached.

Meet your child At their level

Instead of flying off the handle to match your child’s tantrums, come down to their level and ask them. Ask them why they are, and try to meditate on that emotion. Show that you understand where they are coming from and try to come up with a solution that they can appreciate.

Be engaged around your kid

These moments will pass you by if you are not careful, so relish every moment with your child. Put your phone away and turn your TV off. Listen to what they are saying and ask questions instead of replying. Encourage them to play and Join in.

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