The Code of the Extraordinary Mind – Vishen Lakhiani Book Summary

The Code of the Extraordinary Mind – Vishen Lakhiani | Free Book Summary

The Code of the Extraordinary Mind – Vishen Lakhiani

Extraordinary minds are good at seeing the culturescape and are able to selectively choose the rules and conditions to follow versus those to question or ignore. Therefore, they tend to take the path less traveled and innovate on the idea of what it means to truly live.

Consciousness Engineering

Consciousness Engineering is an operating system for the human mind. Your models of reality are like the hardware: They’re your beliefs about yourself and the world. Your living systems are similar to software. 

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We live with outdated beliefs and habits without even knowing it. When you swap out old, expired models and systems that limit you, you’re elevating your consciousness and opening the path to extraordinary living.

Your Models of Reality

It’s up to us to choose what we want to believe about ourselves and our lives—and give our children the power to do the same.Free book, podcast summaries

Extraordinary minds have models of reality that empower them to feel good about themselves and powerful in shifting the world to match the visions in their minds.

Tools to Rewrite Your Models of Reality

Question 1: Is my model of reality an absolute or relative truth?

Question 2: Does this really mean what I think it means?

Answer these questions and write them down.

Upgrading your System of Living

Take a break from your busy life and ask, “Why are we doing it?”

Extraordinary minds are always looking to learn something new and refresh their systems for living. Then they evaluate to see how well those systems are working. Then they upgrade the system.

Extraordinary minds consistently spend time discovering, upgrading, and measuring new systems for living applied to life, work, heart, and soul. They are in a perpetual state of growth and self-innovation.

Bending Reality

As you start playing with consciousness engineering, questioning the Brules, and experimenting with new models of reality and systems for living, life starts to feel spacious and exciting. You’re moving toward a powerful upgrade.

There are two key things you feel in this state: 

  • You have a bold vision for the future that is pulling you forward.
  • You’re happy in the now.

Extraordinary minds are able to bend reality. They have bold and exciting visions for the future, yet their happiness is not tied to these visions. They are happy in the now. This balance allows them to move toward their visions at a much faster rate while having a ton of fun along the way. To outsiders, they seem “lucky.

Live in Blissipline

Blissipline: The discipline of daily Bliss

Blissipline Systems –

  • The Power of Gratitude
  • Forgiveness 
  • The Practice of Giving

Happiness is not some amorphous state outside of your control. It’s a trainable skill.

Create a Vision for Your Future

Means Goals—goals that are a means to an end—and usually about meeting or conforming to society’s Brules.

End Goals- when follow our heart, the goals that excite and inspire us, and put our ultimate target in our sights.

Pursuing end goals accelerates our momentum toward the extraordinary.

Three Questions

Create a vision for your future with these three questions:

  • What Experiences Do You Want to Have?
  • How Do You Want to Grow?
  • How Do You Want to Contribute?

Embrace Your Quest

The uniqueness of extraordinary people is that they’re driven by a vision so big that they’re operating beyond the conventional limitations of work and life.

Extraordinary minds are motivated by a quest or calling—a drive to create some positive change in the world. This drive propels them forward in life and helps them gain meaning and make a meaningful contribution.

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