The Hard Thing About The Hard Things – Ben Horowitz Book Summary

The Hard Thing About The Hard Things – Ben Horowitz | Free Book Summary

The Hard Thing About The Hard Things – Ben Horowitz

Hard Things” gives an insider’s perspective on what it’s like to lead and scale a startup.

First Hand Knowledge

Information cannot be rushed, especially knowledge derived from firsthand experience. It can be worse than knowing nothing at all to rely on shortcuts and conventional wisdom.

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Be able to distinguish reality from perception. Look for alternate narratives and explanations originating from drastically different perspectives, especially when the “facts” seem to compel a definite outcome.

The Only Way To Survive

Sometimes falling on your face is the only way to survive, but this allows you to learn quickly and recognise what is required. Every time a big company tries to do something, it always comes down to one person who can stall the whole operation.

When Things Fall Apart

When starting a business, you must have faith that the problem can be solved; the likelihood of success cannot be taken into consideration. You just need to locate it. The task is the same whether your chances are nine out of ten or one in a thousand.

A Successful CEO

When there don’t seem to be any viable movements, it’s critical to maintain focus and make the best choice.Free book, podcast summaries

Don’t carry the entire burden alone.

CEOs should be honest and make sure that ideas and informal information are openly exchanged inside their organisations.

Take Care of People, Products, and Profits

It is essential to establish a positive work environment. The environment at work should be comfortable for those who spend the majority of their waking hours there.

There are several reasons to remain in a firm when things are going well, including

  1. Your career develops as the business expands, and appealing positions inevitably become available.
  2. Your loved ones will be impressed by you.
  3. Working at a blue-chip company strengthens your resume.

The Three Keys To Hiring

  • Instead of hiring for lack of weakness, hire for strength.
  • Realize that every employee in your company has a serious flaw and has clear expectations for the people you are hiring (including you). Nobody is flawless.
  • Participate in group brainstorming, but make the final decision alone. Decisions reached by consensus frequently tilt the process in favour of weakness rather than strength.

Big Company, Small Company

Being an executive for a large corporation differs greatly from being an executive for a small corporation.

Unlike startup executives, who are aware that nothing happens unless they make it happen, big company executives are motivated by interruptions.

An executive at a large company faces an incredible number of incoming demands, whereas a small business without a significant push will continue to operate normally.

How to minimize politics

If you don’t hire people with the right ambition, your company will become the political equivalent of the US Senate.

Keep your organisational design, performance evaluations, promotions, and compensation policies and procedures strict.

Promote seasoned workers by evaluating their performance against goals, management aptitude, inventiveness, and interpersonal skills.

Make sure that managers and employees have one-on-one meetings.

Losing the way

Instead of worrying about what is wrong, a startup should concentrate on what needs to be done correctly. Keeping your mind under control is one of the most difficult challenges. You must be able to act forcefully and aggressively without seeming insane.

Put your ideas, difficulties, and fears on paper to calm your nerves so that you can concentrate more on where you are going than on what you are attempting to avoid.

There are no rules

In business, there are no regulations. Even though things might appear to be going well, anything can happen at any time. To succeed in business, you need creativity and responsibility. The secret to effort, promises, and outcomes is accountability.

The hard things will always be hard; the secret to success is courage and grit.

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