The Magic Of Thinking Big – David J. Schwartz Book Summary

The Magic Of Thinking Big – David J. Schwartz | Free Book Summary

The Magic Of Thinking Big – David J. Schwartz

Everyone should read this book once so they can comprehend the vastness of the world without mental limitations.

Big picture thinking

Most people live their lives with small ambitions, goals, and thoughts, and they only grow to the size of their dreams.

We are all, more than we realize, products of the thinking that surrounds us. Much of this thinking is small and insignificant.

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You can achieve great things by thinking big, also known as “10x” thinking, as long as you believe in yourself and follow through on your big goals.

The power of belief

People who think they can move mountains actually do. Those who think they can’t, actually can’t. Belief triggers the power to do, or not do something.  Free book, podcast summaries

  • Set modest expectations and expect modest results. 
  • Think big and you’ll succeed big. 
  • Big plans and ideas are frequently simpler—certainly not harder—than small ones and plans and ideas.
  • Life is too short to be little.

The disease Of failures: Excusitis

You must first immunize yourself against excuseitis, the disease of failures, as the first step in your strategy to think yourself to success.

  • More significant than any potential intelligence you may possess is the way your intelligence is thought of.
  • Never overrate the intelligence of others or undervalue your own intelligence.
  • Action dispels fear. 
  • Fear is heightened by hesitation, procrastination, and uncertainty.

Making yourself big

  • Seize the spotlight.
  • Establish eye contact.
  • Walk confidently.
  • Raise your voice.
  • Smile big.
  • Visualization adds value to everything, so look at things from their potential rather than their current state. 
  • You are what you think you are, so practice uplifting self-praise instead of demeaning self-punishment. 
  • More of you exists if you think more highly of yourself.

Developing ideas

How to develop and utilize your ideas:


  • Don’t let them get away; record them.
  • Go over the notes you’ve made.
  • Cultivate and fertilize your ideas, then combine, nurture, grow, and expand them.
  • You must create a mental image of who you want to be in ten years.
  • Visualize your future in terms of work, home, and social life; where do you want to be?

The company we keep

Prolonged association with negative people molds us into their likeness, and close contact with petty people molds us into petty people.

Companionship with people who have big ideas expands our thinking; close contact with ambitious people inspires us to be ambitious.

Everyone wants to feel important, so make that happen for them.

Give people more than they expect to receive.

Increasing your likeability

  • Remember people’s names.
  • Maintain a relaxed and easygoing demeanor.
  • Keep your cool and don’t be easily agitated.
  • Don’t be arrogant.
  • Make yourself interesting so that people will want to talk to you.
  • Study to get rid of the “scratchy” aspects of your personality. 
  • Heal any misunderstandings you may have.
  • Never pass up an opportunity to congratulate or praise someone.

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