The Success Code – Amanda Dewinter Book Summary

The Success Code – Amanda Dewinter | Free Book Summary

The Success Code – Amanda Dewinter

The Success Code is a book written by Amanda Dewinter. According to the summary of the book, it is a practical guide that provides readers with the tools they need to achieve success in their personal and professional lives. 

The book outlines four bold steps to help readers find their ambition and achieve their goals. It is a game-changing book for anyone who wants to learn new skills and improve their performance

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Define Success

Success is open to each and every one of us. To achieve it, you have to really want it, work out the best ways to learn and make progress towards it, take care of yourself, and keep going until you get there. That’s what we’ll be covering in the four steps of The Success Code.

Here in Step One, we’re focusing on finding and nurturing your ambition, enabling you to develop the drive and motivation to achieve success firmly on your own terms.Free book, podcast summaries

The definition of success contd.

When people think about success, they tend to think very narrowly, focusing on only one criterion: getting the right job title and salary in the workplace, or the right grades in studies, or the right car, or the right handbag. But, like life in general, we can’t measure success by one criterion alone.

Get the balance right! Sometimes I meet people who lose sight of what they truly value. For example, people can be initially convinced that success is based on money and status. They work hard and achieve these things, but inevitably, at some point down the line, they realize that neither ‘reward’ on its own is a true indication of success.

Having loads of money and a fancy car but being too stressed to enjoy it doesn’t feel like success.

Real success

Real success consists of multiple components. Simply having a good job or achieving top grades isn’t enough if you feel unfulfilled or stressed. Neglecting other important areas of your life can also lead to feelings of unfulfillment.

A complete picture of success includes feeling well, maintaining relationships, and enjoying life. Challenging yourself in all areas while keeping a balanced perspective and focusing on what’s important to you is key.

Make learning easier

All new learning is based on what you already know. If you know very little, it’s hard to learn anything new. When you know a lot, it’s easier to learn more because it’s easier to understand. You have a bank of knowledge to provide context and structure.

So, the more knowledge you have, the easier it is to add more.

Check you’re up to date

To make new learning easier, check that you’re up to date with any previous learning that is relevant to what you’re doing now. If you’re not up to date, take the time to catch up. This may seem time-consuming, and it will take effort, but it will make what comes next much easier.

If you’re soon to start a new course, check to see if you’ve done everything you need to do beforehand, including any pre-course work. It really will be easier for you when you start.

Build knowledge familiarity

Starting a new topic can be overwhelming. Everything is new: the vocabulary, the terms, the context, everything. The more familiar you are with what you’re learning, the easier it will be. Try to become more familiar with the topic as soon as possible, if not even before you start learning it.

So look over the study materials and textbooks and do any prep work you need to. Find your own ways of becoming familiar with the topic.

For example, watch a documentary, film, TV program, or YouTube video; read a related book (fiction or nonfiction); watch a film; talk to other students; or visit a place of interest such as a museum, gallery, or theater.

Make facts meaningful

Rather than learning information by rote, make it meaningful. Connect the new knowledge to that which you already have—your prior knowledge. While there are ways to make your learning easier, the most important thing is you. Only you can do the learning. No one else can learn for you.

The effort you put into learning will make a big difference. The more effort you put in, the easier it will get. It doesn’t matter how the people around you may badger you to work or whether you know there is an ominous deadline looming; only you can do the actual learning.

You can be cajoled or pressured, but only you have control over the effort you put in and whether you really learn.

Refresh and Recharge

  • Burnout is normal and a warning that your current situation is bad for you
  • Recognize the warning signs and take action
  • Ask yourself what you need, come up with an action plan, and put preventative measures in place
  • Turn to people for help, join a support network, and speak to your boss or HR department
  • Reframe your mindset, remember your sense of purpose, and prioritize your well-being
  • Success is about deciding what you want and going for it, prioritizing your well-being will help you achieve it.


  • To achieve your goals, you need uninterrupted time for deep work.
  • Deep work requires concentration and pushes your cognitive capabilities.
  • Eliminate distractions by taking control of your online connections and creating the right environment.
  • Digital tools are developed to capture and sell your personal information and attention to advertisers, so use them carefully.
  • Be your own equipment manager and prepare everything you’ll need in advance.
  • Organize your environment to create a designated place for things to avoid distractions.

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