Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield Audiobook | Free Summary

Free Audiobook summary of the book Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield.

The author discloses a fundamental way of looking at who we are and bringing real change in our lives by realizing our true calling.

Being Human

What exactly does it mean to be human? Trying to reach our full potential.

The therapeutic model in science holds that some disease or condition must be cured, whereas the moral model in religion holds that we must pay for our sins. However, there is a third, much simpler model: the amateur and professional models.

Before And After

● You can divide your life neatly into two parts: before turning pro and after.

● All you have to do to turn pro is decide.

● When you turn pro, life gets easier.

From Amateur To Pro

● The defining trait of the amateur is the fear of being who she is and getting rejected for it.

● A central obstacle for the amateur is that he is always chasing some guru or authority.

● When you do your work for the sake of its practice and nothing else, that’s when you turn pro.

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