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An Optimistic View Of The World

Wealth has increased not only in the West, but also globally, while poverty and inequality have decreased.

We still have issues to deal with, such as AI, terrorism, and the environment, but we must do so rationally.

Contrary to popular belief, the human story of the twenty-first century is one of progress, not misery.

Enlightenment Has Increased Wealth While Reducing Poverty and InequalityFree book, podcast summaries

Over 90% of the world’s population lived in extreme poverty just 200 years ago. Today, that proportion is less than 10%. That’s because global income tripled between 1820 and 1900. It had tripled again 50 years later, and a third time by 1984.

Even poorer, less developed countries, such as Rwanda and El Salvador, now double their income every 18 years. Every 35 years, wealthier countries do so.

A Rise In Income Benefits All

A common argument against the benefits of global income growth is that “only the rich get richer”. This is not correct.

Inequality rises initially, then peaks and falls as income rises.

As a state’s wealth grows, so does its spending on social benefit programmes.

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