Micromessaging by Stephen Young Audiobook | Free Summary

Free Audiobook summary of the book Micromessaging: Why Great Leadership is Beyond Words by Stephen Young.

The stuff we say without saying.

Setting The Stage

We’ve all had conversations with people who somehow managed to convey the message, “The sooner I get away from you, the happier I will be,” without so much as moving an eyelash or a facial muscle. On the other hand, an admiring gesture isn’t necessarily indicated by a broad smile, a fixed look, or a firm handshake.

It takes an in-depth grasp of how other people see reality or see through deception to send the micromessages that effectively communicate your intended message.

The Subtle Art Of Messaging

Micromessages can boost self-confidence and encourage people to strive for higher goals, or they can erode it and make people second-guess everything they do. They have the power to do this with barely a spoken word.

Micromessaging And Leadership

Micromessaging’s influence and the almost imperceptible intricacies of sending and receiving messages are both defined. These micro messages demonstrate to us how highly we are regarded and valued by people who decide our fate at work.

Micromessages reveal our specific position and the expected extent of our movement. They are as intangible as the medium through which they are sent.

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